Monday, November 22, 2010

Confessional/Haul #2

Over the weekend I went a little nuts with all the holiday products out there.  It's not nutty by the regular beauty blogger standard, but it's definitely nutty considering this reductionist thing I have going.  BUT I have reasons and excuses!  Read on!

I went shopping with a friend to help her pick out a concealer (she ended up choosing YSL's much lauded Touche Eclat).  While there I was incredibly tempted by the new Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette.  Look how gorgeous it is:

The last time I bought a Bobbi Brown palette was at least four years ago, and it was well worth the hefty price.  I love the shades and quality of Bobbi Brown shadows and glosses, so it's actually quite the moneysaver if you count the sum total of each individual shadow and gloss.  Yes, I bought the palette.

HOWEVER.  (Yes, there is a however!)  This is going right back to Bobbi Brown if Urban Decay's much coveted Naked Palette is restocked.  The reason this Bobbi Brown palette appealed to me half as much as it did is because the shadow shades are reminiscent of the shades I was coveting in the Naked Palette.  See the similarity?
But the Naked Palette is such a steal that that is the one I truly want.  I can't believe I walked past it at least 10 times in Sephora without a second glance when it first debuted!

I also bought two Chanel nail polish which will count as part of my December nail polish allowance.  (I have one more polish left to buy for 2010!)  Check out Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in "Riva" and Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in "Pulsion":

I intended to buy Riva only but Pulsion was there also, beckoning me with that summery and cheerful hot pinkness that I felt the pair belonged together.  Having spent my precious December nail polish funds rather early on, I have to be super careful with the next choice.  (I had already resisted the new NARS limited edition shades... sigh.)  If this is the rate at which limited edition polishes are coming out, I may have to up my maximum of three per month to ten per month.  KIDDING!!!  I'm going to stick to three and you are my witnesses.

Some day, when exams are over, I'll go on with my inventory of goods to be thrown out or kept.  Stay tuned.


  1. Me again (lol)

    I HAD to comment b/c I got great pleasure from knowing you have a 'polish buying limit' like I've had to put myself on (or...have tried to!). I've stocked a total of 20 nail polishes since August, which as you say isn't probably that much in the blogging world but it's a whole lot when you're trying to keep the options to a minimum lol. There were so many good Fall shades and they just keep coming! I can hardly hold you accountable to stick to 3 when I can barely do so myself, but I will do what I can :P

  2. Thanks for the support! ;)

    I wasn't so bad before but lately I've been completely obsessed! A monthly cap was a very good idea. Instead of completely denying myself and breaking down eventually, it seems more sensible to pick a low number and stick to it.

  3. What a good idea to cap buying! It will also make me aware of how much I'm getting, instead of "Ohh, pretty, buying now!" lol

  4. It's still quite the challenge, but I think having a firm number in your head somehow aids psychologically! If you're a big splurger, try capping at 5. If moderate, 3 should be fine. :)


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