Friday, November 5, 2010

Further proof that I need to reduce.

I bought a train case in the summer to stash all my makeup in, and the consequence is that I forget about 90% of the things I own simply because I don't see them during the mad morning rush.  I know many beauty junkies out there have progressed to multi-level drawers and sophisticated coded system of storage, but I don't wish to expand my collection because it's such a waste to have all these gorgeous things grow old and bad when I can't use them up fast enough.  It's definitely fun to have variety and options each day, but for me, the fun is in testing new items, finding which works best, and going back to enjoy them. 

This doesn't even include the multitude of hair products and skin treatments.  Those are next after I finish the makeup inventory!

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  1. Haha I am guilty of the multi-level drawers, but no coded system. I wouldn't mind having one though!


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