Monday, November 15, 2010

Nail Polish: China Glaze "Recycle"

Dear beauties:  I made an edit to my original rules to reduce and recycle beauty products.  Previously, I had banned myself from purchasing new products unless I was completely finished with all the products in that same product category.  (i.e. No new night cream until I finish or get rid of other night creams.)  The edit is to allow for me to indulge in a growing trend in the beauty world:  nail polish.

Limited edition nail polishes had been on the rise for a while and we may be at an all new height at this very moment.  They come out faster and more frequently and with more variety than ever before.  The recession made paupers out of many of us, and instead of shopping for $20 lip glosses on a weekly basis, we downsized to $5-10 nail polish instead.  Like costume jewellery, it's a cheap and fun way to remain in vogue.

I have allowed myself to buy no more than three nail polishes per month.  I do my best to hunt for bargains, but sometimes what's in the reduced price bins are really strange colours or old stock that you want no part of.  But I'm not a polish snob, either.  I like anything from the good old Sally Hansen all the way to the uber chic Lippmann Collection and super luxe YSL.  But my budget and storage space being what it is lately, I think it's a good idea to give myself a reasonable cap for the month.  That way I won't go completely famished for fashion and still get to have some fun while I don't turn into a complete fanatic.

Today's polish is a recent acquisition.  I had been searching for a true grey nail polish for months and months.  The only one I saw that I liked was from YSL, but the price was off-putting.  Others were always a blend of smoky purple and grey, like "Metro Chic" from OPI for Sephora.  Nuh-uh.  I needed a grey.  And it's called "Recycle" by China Glaze.  The real nail polish gurus must have known about this years ago, or whenever it was that this shade came out, but I only found it this week.  For years all I ever saw was OPI and the typical department store or drug store fare.  Anyway, it's my first brush with China Glaze polish, though I have tried their base coat and top coat.  (I like the base coat but you can find a much better top coat elsewhere.)

I keep thinking that this shade would have been better off named as "Cement" and that's what I kept typing on this post even though the name is "Recycle".  I see on the China Glaze website that there's a very similar but darker grey shade called "Devotion" -- didn't see it at the store, otherwise I would have been torn as to which should come home with me.  I'll update later with an edit at the bottom of this post as to how well the polish performs.

[It lasts a full week without chips!  China Glaze ranks right at the top of fair-priced and good quality nail polish alongside OPI.]


  1. I haven't seen a color like this anywhere! So pretty!

  2. Hello,
    I clicked on a link to your photo because my hands look EXACTLY like yours. I am Chinese. Then I saw in your personal info that you are of East Asian descent. Bingo! I'd never seen anyone before with hands(as nice as mine) like mine, but now I guess it is pretty common among East Asians.

    1. LOL! Thanks for the nice comment and *high fives* your nice hand. ;) I used to get complimented on the shape of my hands and nails all the time by (a) piano teachers and (b) manicurists! Just born with it, hahaha.


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