Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nail Polish: Essie "Smokin' Hot"

Here's another one from Essie's Winter Collection.  I think it's going to displace Sephora by OPI's "Metro Chic" on my top 5 fave nail polish list.

In person it's less purple and more smokey, like dark grey mixed with a medium purple shade.  It's the perfect moody colour for every day wear.  But it did strike me as being similar to Metro Chic, so I pulled it out for a comparison, along with a few others.

Marrow (far left); Smokin' Hot (inner left); Metro Chic (inner right); You Don't Know Jacques (far right)
As you can see, Smokin' Hot is darker than Metro Chic and much more grey than butterLONDON's Marrow.  OPI's You Don't Know Jacques doesn't really belong here, but I just had to pull it out to prove the difference since I thought at first it seemed to belong to this colour family.

Here's another comparison with a very well-known beauty product:

There you have it.  The Smokin' part of the name certainly rings true.  As to whether you find it Hot or not, sound off below!

[EDITED November 2011: Essie is bringing back Smokin' Hot as a part of the permanent collection!!!]


  1. are these your hands/nails? :) very pretty! love this smokin' color!

  2. Nope, I keep a fake hand in my desk drawer for these nail polish posts. ;D

  3. Would you liken this color to Chanel's Paradoxal (minus the shimmer of course)? I almost bought Smokin' but thought it was too close for me to bother. It looks lovely on you :)

  4. They look nothing alike in the bottle (this is me relying on my memory of holding up Paradoxal under the department store lights and thinking it was a simple shimmery purple). I don't have Paradoxal and kick myself for not getting it, because I think Paradoxal is a much more complex shade than Smokin' Hot. If I had to choose between the two, I might pick Paradoxal.

  5. Oh I love this color, but just read that you would pick Paradoxal over this. I already own Paradoxal and love it, so that puts me at ease for not buying Smokin Hot too.

  6. I've yet to try Paradoxal on myself personally but months later, I still say I'd pick Paradoxal over Smokin' Hot. I'm sure a good dupe of SH will come along soon. Although, I'm not sure why Essie won't capitalize on the craze and just do a re-release.


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