Monday, January 24, 2011

Foundation Dilemma Resolved

Back in October, during the early stages of this blog, I conducted an inventory of my foundations and was determined to use everything unexpired to the last drop or give away/throw away the remainder. I threw away the Vincent Longo, used up the MAC Studio Sculpt, and put up the Armani for sale.  Since then, I tried to depend on the Cargo Oil Free Lightweight Liquid Foundation as my daily foundation but found the coverage just a bit too light.  I had to retire the MUFE Mat Velvet for the winter since it's very mattifying and too drying for the cold weather, and TheBalm Time Balm also has to be reserved for the summer since it matched my tan face and not my current paler visage.  I use the MUFE Duo Mat solely as powder, so I was left with a dilemma.

Well, I turned to an old favourite.  For a drugstore foundation, the L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation is pretty amazing.  It's oil-free, blendable medium coverage, and has a lovely satin finish.  And instead of finding my exact current match, I got one that was a few shades darker (W4) so that I could adjust the intensity of colour as the season progressed.

Then I got sick of mixing foundations on a daily basis and got a refillable pump bottle from Shoppers Drug Mart.  I dumped the remainder of the Cargo into the bottle and added an adequate amount of the L'Oreal True Match.  Then I mixed up the whole thing, first with a popsicle stick, then by tightly closing the bottle and shaking it up.

And now I have my perfect foundation.  If I tan a little some time in the near future (dreaming of a tropical vacay that is unlikely to happen!), I can add the remainder of the darker L'Oreal True Match and continue to make my perfect base.

Do you like to play mix and match?  Have you found a perfect duo (or trio) that worked well?  Share!


  1. Hey what a great idea! I probably won't mix my foundations any time soon, but this will also work for those foundations that don't come with a pump. *cough* NARS Sheer Glow *cough*

  2. Thanks, Arianne! Seriously, what's the deal with NARS? For how much they charge, I think a pump is the least they could supply their customers with. Same with Clinique when they charge an extra few dollars for the pump when you buy their large size moisturizers! Grrr.

  3. I'm not sure why, but the image of all that foundation in the pump bottle absolutely cracked me up. :P But this really is extremely clever! I don't wear foundation, so I don't have to deal with this issue, but your method makes much more sense than having to remix it every day. I wonder how much time you end up saving in the mornings because of it.

  4. I do love playing with my make up too.. great idea with the pump!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  5. @Caitlin - I get what you mean! Maybe because it resembles the size and shape of a baby bottle... it's giant size for makeup.

    And as for the pump, I had to pump it like 30 times this morning to get it going, and once I did, it kind of stopped working after a few tries. Not sure if I ended up with a defective bottle but try to avoid the Quo bottles if you can!

  6. I think this is genius! I wish I weren't so snobby when it comes to makeup...I just love pretty bottles :P But it's so much wiser to mix and match, skin tone changes so frequently, it's much more cost effective to do it this way - otherwise you end up with a huge stash of foundation that just ends up going bad/getting tossed in the end (which you've already experienced).

  7. Oh, I love me some pretty bottles, too. You haven't seen my perfume collection yet! (Though I pick them more for smell than the look.) I'm just so tired of going outside and realizing that my face and neck are different colours. Hmm... maybe I should scout around for some fancier alternative bottles to this Quo one. ;)

  8. I have this song stuck in my head, it goes like this... I still haven't found what I'm looking for ;D if I ever do you'll know! If I find the shade, coverage is no good and vice versa ... My never-ending quest! But this is really smart, myabe I should mix myself something fab like you have!

  9. If it's the U2 song that I'm thinking of, I don't think they were thinking about foundation... lol!

    I got tired of looking and am on a budget right now, so this was the obvious solution! But you know... we shouldn't have to do this with the wide range of supposed options out there.


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