Monday, January 31, 2011

Nail Polish: Dior Gris Montaigne

I'm in love.  Check this out!

With flash.

Without flash in natural light.

Looks great with a $2 H&M ring!

I decided to bypass Chanel's Black Pearl and instead waited eagerly for the Dior Gris items to hit the shelves.  It's the exact shade of creamy smokey grey that I had been searching for.  I mentioned this quest for the grey nail polish in my very early post on China Glaze's "Recycle."  Speaking of CG "Recycle," some believe it's a dupe of "Gris Montaigne."  I did a comparison.  It looks similar in the bottle, but once applied, Gris Montaigne is definitely darker than Recycle.  It's also much darker than Rimmel's "805 Grey Matter" which is a soft dove grey and Revlon's "Silver" which is a pale grey without the shimmer that you think it may contain due to the misleading name.

China Glaze "Recycle" on left; Dior "Gris Montaigne" on right.
I think this last picture shows the most accurate contrast between Recycle and Gris Montaigne.  I found Gris Montaigne's formula to be slightly on the goopy side but it may have been due to the cold affecting the polish because I ended up walking around outside for a long time with this in my bag after the purchase.  It applied okay and dried rather quicker than I thought it would.  It's wearing well (today being the third day) with minimal tip wear.

How do you like the new Dior collection?


  1. I like the recycle a smidgen more ;)

  2. The Dior is gorgeous! Though a lot darker than I would have expected from looking at the bottle. and what a deal on that ring! ;) I love inexpensive jewelry.

  3. I love these gray polishes but I don't own any myself! I just can't visualize them looking nice on my skin tone. They look great on you :) I actually am intrigued by the deep smoky blue Dior shade Bond Street...I don't own any Dior vernis but my goal is to have at least one polish from each brand I can get my hands on, so this might be it!

  4. @Olivia - Thanks for your honesty and for following this blog! ;)

    @Caitlin - Me, too! I'm so glad costume jewelry is still going strong.

    @beauty-obsessed - I think the Dior one being much darker would work well with you. Great, now I'm off to see what Bond Street looks like. You enabler you! lol

  5. That color is absolutely gorgeous! Great post!

  6. I'm so getting on the bandwagon of grey nail polish. I don't own any and now that it's February I can buy some nail polishes!

  7. @Katie - Thanks! Cute blog.

    @Rebecca - Do join me, it's nice here in the grey zone. :)

  8. Such a gorgeous shade! I always find that grey polish looks fabulous with just about anything (especially your H&M bling!!). And I can't believe that's the third day of wear! Do you have any application tips for a clumsy gal like me?

  9. Thanks, Amy! I always apply a base coat, 2-3 thin layers of polish, and finish with a glossy top coat (Sally Hansen or OPI are good). If the polish quality is good, it should last 4-5 days with only minor tip wear. I think chrome and metallics tend to chip faster than cream, though, so there's that, and matte finishes are the worst with staying power. Good luck!

  10. I love this color. Have you tried Illamasqua DWS? I got it last summer and am quite happy with it. It looks like it might be a smidge lighter than the Dior. Speaking of Dior, I am really looking forward to trying the gray lip gloss from this collection. I've heard it's silvery and subtle.

  11. Unfortunately we don't have Illamasqua in Canada. :(

    The salesgirl at Sephora was giving me the hard sell on the grey lip gloss. It looks pretty but I couldn't see myself using it enough to justify the price. The last Dior gloss I was tempted by was the almost-black one that debuted before the holidays. Definitely an instance of packaging pulling me in over product value.

  12. Great shade :) love it with the ring!! Looks really fab! ;)


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