Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nail Polish: MAC "Soiree" (Cham Pale Collection)

Damn the limited edition collections.  Double damn and triple damn!

We all know the struggle.  You've sworn not to get suckered in again by the pretty packaging and masterful advertising.  You've carefully budgeted and set aside a modest monthly sum for your beauty indulgences.  Then MAC releases Cham Pale, Peacocky, Mickey Contractor, and Stylish Yours all in the same season right after the Christmas wallet-emptying.

I'm reaching the point where I'm seriously starting to get pissed off at these limited edition releases.  I know they're fun and blahblahblahblah.  But does anyone agree with me that it's getting to be a bit too much?  If these makeup companies really want to service their customers, why don't they add some of the really popular items to their permanent stock rather than intentionally drive us to madness season after season, month after month?

Despite this frustration, I fell for it again.  Behold MAC Soiree:

It looked amazing in the bottle beside all the other pale and shimmery colours.  Perfect for the new year, I thought, against soft white cashmere and a snowy landscape.

And now that it's on my tips?  I realize that I hate this colour.  I've always despised this rose-gold shade of nail polish because it looks totally granny.  I regret this purchase.  Because of my 3 nail polish per month allowance, I talked myself into thinking that this was a unique shade worth investing in.

I'm sure that it looks amazing on certain skin tones.  I have too much yellow, maybe.  I might recommend this to the porcelain-skinned types out there.  But to the general population at large, I say skip it.

Have you been suckered into purchasing limited edition items lately?  Leave your tales of woe below.


  1. A resounding yes! :-)

    I think it looks great on you. I was tempted by this polish but had already picked up a lot from this collection. I've decided to stop looking at the LE collections for a while to avoid temptation.

  2. I actually don’t own much MAC. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid the addiction that plagues so many. But I do think that the rate they release new collections is absolutely ridiculous, and I hate that there are products that are so hyped you have to purchase pretty much within 24 hours of release if you want them. That just seems like bad customer service to me. It also seems to spur on buying for the sake of collecting rather than for the quality of the product. The only collection I’ve ever thought I would get really pulled into was the recent Disney collection, but I was so disappointed when the products actually came out that no purchases were made.

    And I have to agree with Michelle; I actually think the polish looks very nice though not very special. I think you could have gotten about the same shade at the drugstore.

  3. I don't understand why you don't like it. I think it looks great on you! Love the colour, but I already own something very similar.
    Like Caitlin, I don't actually own many MAC products either.

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  4. Re: colour - I guess it's just personal preference. The quality was poor, too; it chipped on the second day and was surprisingly difficult to remove. Maybe I'm just more upset at myself than at MAC! lol

  5. I entirely relate to the insanity that is limited edition collections! MAC is particularly bad for this over all other cosmetic lines. They seem to release a handful of these LE lines each month! And you do get that sort of half-panic feeling to buy something just because of it's fleeting status.

    Caitlin, I felt EXACTLY as you did regarding the Disney line. I had built it up so much and when the time came to buy I was intensely dissatisfied with the actual products and only purchased the lip gelee. Since then I haven't had the urge to indulge in any of their other LE collections; it just sort of turned me off. It's totally doing a disservice to their customers in trying to gouge our money out of us any way they can!

  6. The last MAC LE I really loved was "To The Beach" - the packaging and shades were pure gorgeousness and perfect for summer. I agree re: VV - I wasn't into it at all despite my love of Maleficent. Most of the actual products weren't anything special.

  7. I have a number of beautiful nail polishes that look hideous on my nails... My skin tone just kills it, so I get what you're saying... But this one looks good on the pics ;)

  8. @toyarosie - Right? RIGHT?? I glanced at the Peacocky collection yesterday and it's not that great. Though, if you're an eye shadow fanatic, you'd be delighted at the large pans. I think we're all weary from the chase!

    @Niki - Yes, it's an unfortunate thing we have to contend with from time to time! The thing is I kind of knew it, too, when I bought it, but I talked myself into thinking that it would turn out better. Lesson learned!

  9. Hey! Would you sell it to me? I'd totally buy it off of ya! :)


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