Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video Inspiration: No Makeup Makeup

I'm a huge fan of the "no makeup makeup" look.  The thing is, I rarely accomplish it because it's so tempting to pile on something extra once your face becomes that flawless canvas.  Remember that outdated fashion rule about taking off a piece of jewellery after finishing getting dressed because it was deemed to be "too much"?  Well, call me stodgy but sometimes I feel that way about makeup.  It does one good to take a BIG step back from the mirror from time to time and survey your progress before you slap on the entire face.  It's when I stay up close to the mirror that the most tragic makeup mistakes get made.

Anyway, Bubzbeauty has a great tutorial (see below) on how to get the much-desired and difficult to achieve no makeup makeup look.  Bubz is a well-known "YouTube beauty guru" and is positive, bubbly and fun to watch.  Her videos are clearly recorded and edited with great care and consideration.  Hope you enjoy!


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