Thursday, February 24, 2011

Confessional/Haul #4: Joe Fresh Cheek Tints

Yesterday afternoon I suffered a case of cabin fever, went out for a long walk, ended up at Loblaws (a Canadian grocery chain) and found myself at the cash register holding handfuls of Coffee Crisps and these adorable Joe Fresh cheek tints.  I swiped two, in Peach and Cherry, with the rationalization that I don't own a truly peach or red-red blush.  And it's true, I don't (not counting the tiny sample size Benetint).  At Cdn$4 each, they were a steal.

I was never really tempted by Joe Fresh before.  The three things that drew me immediately were the nail polish, cheek tints, and eye shadows.  The nail polish are quite small and at $4 each, I had no problem bypassing them.  I was more tempted by the shadows, but somehow I found restraint and managed to put down the pack that had somehow made its way into my palm.

Then I discovered the cheek tints, and hello -- I was in love!  Look at how adorable they are.

Joe Fresh Cheek Tint in "Cherry"

Joe Fresh Cheek Tint in "Peach"
Sorry, used some before I took the photos!

"Peach" seemed more peachy under the store lights and turned out closer to neutral pink at home.  "Cherry" is a vibrant sheer red which I absolutely adore.  They are nice and compact, don't smell artificial, apply and blend nicely, and stay put all day long.  For the Canadian gals who are looking for an affordable cream blush/cheek tint, I highly highly recommend these.  I can't believe it took me so long to get on board with these.

Cherry (top) and Peach (bottom) before blending
Cherry (top) and Peach (bottom) blended

I wore Peach all day yesterday and am wearing Cherry today.  I'll be wearing Cherry again to work tomorrow.  I'm so glad I found these before I became tempted by the new YSL cream blush.  These are also serious contenders against the much more expensive and popular NARS The Multiple.  I love mine in "Maui" but why wouldn't I pay $40 less for equally stunning visual results?

Have you tried Joe Fresh cosmetics before?  What are your cheapy-find success stories?


  1. I have rose or something in this, it's like a peachy pink, it's nice. I didn't see peach when I got mine, or I would of totally picked it up!

  2. Oh and I like their pale peach powder blush, tried the lightweight foundation (too dark in lightest shade), and their lipstains are nice too.

  3. I've never tried these, but now I have to! $4???? Sweet deal!

  4. @Justine - Peach seems to be popular! There was only one left and I scooped it up. :)

    @Tracy - You really should! I LOVE Cherry so so much. *wearing it now*

  5. These look so lovely - especially the Peach! I've never seen Joe Fresh, though. Maybe it's just a Canadian brand? The closest I can think of that we have are the NYC blushable creme sticks. They're pretty amazing for the price as well, though JF wins for cute packaging.

  6. Sadly sold at just Canada for now. But you're right, it's very similar to the NYC sticks! I saw a YouTuber give a great review on the NYC blush and wanted to pick up a few, but all the shades looked very neutral and close to blushes that I already have. NYC just repackaged their blush sticks but I kind of preferred the old purple to the new.

  7. The Cherry looks lovely.
    I wonder if Joe Fresh still has these.

    I have tried only one of their products. I chose the pale cream-coloured eyeshadow, thinking it would be a good all-over lid colour. Unfortunately, there was little-to-no colour payoff. Well, I got what I paid for; it was cheap and it felt cheap when I tried to use it.


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