Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inventory #16: Makeup Removers

I almost forgot this category.  Here's what I currently have:

1.  Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Cleansing Cloths (repeat purchase) - I use this on lazy nights.  They occur with less frequency as I become more responsible about skincare, but they're great to have on stand-by... because we all have "those nights."  You know what I mean.  It takes two sheets to remove makeup visibly, using both the back and front sides of each sheet.  I like this brand of wipe in particular because there is no disturbing scent, no rough texture on the cloth, and just the right amount of wetness.  I don't like the cloths that are dripping or too dry.  Be warned, though: despite using multiple sheets to wipe off your makeup, your face still isn't clean enough.  I thought that it was, but when I used toner after this one night, I discovered that there are traces of makeup deep in your pores that you just can't get to without liquid (i.e. water).  It really made me realize how important it is to completely remove your makeup, at the end of the day, diligently at the sink, EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.  Also, I have used this to remove eye makeup (including waterproof formulas), and while it works, there was very slight stinging when the wet cloth got too close and I'd rather not use it for that purpose again if I can help it.

2.  Marcelle Eye Make-up Remover Cloths (used once) - I got this as part of a boxed set of Marcelle skincare products, including the cleanser which I wrote about here and with a lotion which I gave to my sister.  I don't have much to say about this except that it's very convenient and will be awesome to pack for travel.  The sheets are quite small, slightly less than the size of your open hand, and it took 2-3 sheets to remove stubborn waterproof mascara.  When it comes to removing mascara, I prefer to have soaking wet cotton to really break down the makeup to prevent excess rubbing, so this eye makeup remover cloth is just something I'll keep for a "just in case" kind of day.

3.  Bourjois Paris Express Eye Makeup Remover - I picked this up when my previous eye makeup remover ran out, just because I was really happy to see Bourjois make a return to Canada.  Bourjois is one of those brands that unfortunately got phased out of Sephora about 4-5 years ago.  It's sold at Shoppers Drug Mart now and price remains within the mid-range.  This makeup remover was about $20 and I am sad to report that it's not worth the money.  It's another one of those duo-liquid removers, in which the oily blue substance floats above the clear watery one, like Lancome's famous Bi-Facil Double Action.  The hype about the Lancome is 100% deserved, but I can't make myself pay the expensive price for it (and Lancome seems to be getting more and more expensive as the years go by).  After playing around with Neutrogena and L'Oreal removers, I thought this deserved a try.  And it's not a bad makeup remover, but I liked the cheaper L'Oreal Gentle Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover better.  Yes, the Bourjois is much larger at 200ml instead of L'Oreal's 125ml, but while the L'Oreal did feel slightly greasier, the makeup came off much faster and easier and I would cleanse my face immediately afterwards anyway, so the grease factor hardly mattered.  I'll finish the bottle since I already have it, but I will not be purchasing this one again.

Before shaking
After shaking

4.  Makeup Forever Sens'Eyes Sensitive Waterproof Eye Cleanser (sample size) - This is a sample size that came in the Smoky Lash Kit which I got last year because I thought it was such a bargain.  The remover is great but I personally prefer liquid over the cream/gel texture.  My friend raves about this cleanser and I got the full size at one point but ended up giving a half finished bottle to her as I couldn't get used to the non-liquid texture.  I keep the sample size on my vanity and dip a Q-tip in to quickly fix eye makeup errors in the morning.  I also find the full size bottle to be on the small side at 100ml and at close to $30 per bottle, the value just isn't worth it to me.  But the reviews are excellent and I have nothing against the product itself.

5.  Bare Escentuals On the Spot (second purchase) - The concept for this product is genius and I don't understand why it hasn't been copied by other companies yet.  It's basically Q-tips filled with makeup remover in the stem.  Break off the cotton tip with the blue line on one end and the remover within the stem filters down into the cotton tip at the other end.  Very cool and very handy for travel and disaster eye makeup moments in the morning.  Personally I think there's too much liquid in the stem and it's a pity that you can't control the amount of remover that flows into the tip as it becomes completely soaking wet and will drip into your eyes if you aren't careful.  If you're going to use it, have a box of tissue right next to it as well.  With the slightest of modification, this could become a must-have product.  I liked it enough to buy it a second time but I rarely use it.  However it's nice knowing that it's there when I need it.

Did you notice every single one of these products have blue either in the product or in the packaging?  I guess the easy answer is that I must psychologically associate the colour blue with cleanliness.  Ha, the things I learn by blogging!

What are your fave products for removing makeup?


  1. I loved the Olay wipes but switched to the Kirkland costco brand because they were so much cheaper and feel the same to me. For removing eye makeup, it's the neutrogena (with the dual water) hands down, been using that everyday for years.

  2. ooh this list is pretty short compared to some of your other inventories. :P I'm with you on the face wipes; I use them as a first step to removing makeup, but I could never stop with just them. Even if they could remove everything, I always feel like the liquid on them leaves a residue. A bit of work at the sink is always necessary.

  3. @Justine - Oooh, how much are the Kirkland wipes? Looks like I need to tag along with my friend who has a Costco membership!

    @Caitlin - I don't mind the liquid residue from the Olay wipes, which is part of the reason I like them. But I've tried others that felt icky.

  4. Wow there is an awful lot of blue! And how genius is the bare escentuals q-tip?! I think I may have to hop on that! Especially because I tend to have a lot of those "disaster eye makeup moments in the morning"! ;)


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