Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nail Polish: Revlon Top Speed "Sheer Cotton"

I haven't worn a Revlon nail polish since middle school or early high school.  I noticed that lately Revlon has been releasing some pretty spring colours and picked up "Sheer Cotton" since I don't have very many classic pale shades.

The finished look is decent but it took four layers to achieve opacity.  I also apply base coat and top coat, so six layers in total is just too much.  I know pale colours always require more attention than dark, but I'll pass on Revlon from now on.  The formula just seemed so watery and I don't know that it dried faster than any other nail polish.  I much prefer Rimmel when it comes to drugstore nail polish.


  1. haha we really are polish twins. I've been dabbling in French tips the past week, so I've been testing out light polishes to find the perfect combo. To play devil's advocate, I think the polishes in Revlon's line with 'sheer' in the name really are meant to be sheer (like for French manis!) I have a few Revlon polishes and don't remember ever having an issue with the number of coats needed for opacity, so don't discount them for that yet! :P
    That's unfortunate about the poor drying time though. I hate when polishes promise 'quick dry' and don't deliver. They'd be better not saying anything about it.

  2. Hmm... you're right, I didn't consider the name. But I really liked the hint of pink in the milkiness and wanted the same shade in the bottle reflected on my tips. I also bought Minted, so I have another one to experiment with.

    Re: drying time, I didn't feel that it was slow but it didn't feel like "top speed" either. But since I was sitting there applying endless coats, maybe it just felt longer. I may have to redo this Revlon review!

  3. You might be able to get that finish if you put down an opaque white or cream and then did one coat of this over it. I know I've had to do that with a few sheer polishes in the past to cut down on the number of coats.

  4. You are so smart! I'll try that if Minted ends up being too sheer.

  5. Yikes! Four Layers! Too bad-it is pretty!

  6. It is a refreshing shade for this drab time of year! But wow... SO many layers!!! Caitlin has such a genius idea though! The wheels in my head are churning now.


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