Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Confessional/Haul #5: By Terry Products (Birthday Haul)

For the first time in years, I did not receive any beauty products as birthday gifts. *pout pout* To be fair, I'm still collecting meals and outings from my friends, so I don't know if my mass purchase was premature...... but oh what the hell. You're all dying to see what I got, right?

The Canadian Sephora stores, or at least the ones in Toronto, used to carry the full line of By Terry products. You can still find the original brush foundation online. They are friggin' expensive, you guys. Wait until you see how much I saved before yelling at me for breaking the rules. First I caught the lipstick for 50% off at my local Sephora months but the others were snagged later at Winners where I saved even more.

I hear that the Sephoras in Vancouver still carry this brand, so the West Coast gals can still break their bank accounts over this stuff at regular price. You'd think that based on the allure of its luxe status it would be sold at Holt Renfrew, but nope. Which means I have no idea where you would find them in Toronto once they completely disappear from Sephora and Winners. Apparently the brand has achieved cult status, but I don't know anyone who uses it, probably because I don't know anyone who is rich or crazy enough to buy it.

By Terry Ultra-Correcting Liquid Foundation in 6 Sunny Beige:
Original price $110
Purchased for $24.99

By Terry Velvet Cream Blush in 2 Peach Nude:
Original price $45
Purchased for $9.99

By Terry Ultra-Fine Eye Shadow in 15 Pearly Flannel:
Original price $44
Purchased for $9.99

By Terry Tinted Replenishing Lip Care in 6 Devil Rose:
Original price $52
Purchased for $12.99

By Terry Intense Hydra Plump Lipstick in 6 Vanilla Cinnamon:
Original price $50-something
Purchased for $20-something

You do the math. Having tested the products, they're definitely worth the money I spent. But would I ever buy them at regular price? Never.

My favourite from the stash is the blush, I think, particularly because I'm lacking that pretty peach/coral shade since I was so partial to neutral pinks in the past.

But the product is ridiculously small. It's the same size as the eye shadow!

I really debated over the blush because of it, but the colour pulled me in. And when have I ever finished a blush before? Never. Never even hit pan on a blush, as a matter of fact. The cute little size is perfect for throwing into a purse or makeup bag for when you're on the go. Let me tell you: it blends so beautifully that I don't regret it at all.

As for the shadow, I don't have any powder shadow in a silvery shade, so between this Pearly Flannel, a midnight blue and a striking purple, I chose this. Now I kind of wish that I had gone for the blue, but I'd probably get more wear out of this than a scary dark blue or purple. The quality is superb. I'd go so far as to say it's better than Bobbi Brown eye shadows.

Here's another look at how the product sizes compare with other familiar products:

As far as packaging goes, my fave is the lipstick.

Vanilla Cinnamon is the perfect Mad Men-esque lipstick for me. Not too matte and not too glossy. I feel that it adds a certain dignity to my looks, which most people think falls in the 21-25 age category. I know it's supposed to be a compliment but I'm actually kind of insulted when people are so shocked by the fact that I'm 33. Ah, the Asian blessing/curse.

As for the gloss, it's on the short side but makes up for it by being super fat. The NARS lip gloss, which I've always felt to be anorexic, is definitely a starving model standing next to a healthy size 6 gal. The purple that you see is actually the purple colour of the gloss. But it applies sheer so the look is natural in the end. (Sorry, had a hard time capturing an accurate shot so I left out the swatch.) I don't have any lip product in a purple hue, though I have plums. I think this makes up for bypassing NARS Nana.

I'm test-driving the foundation right now as we speak. It applied like a dream and has a wonderful natural yet matte finish that I have not experienced with any other foundation before, including my all-time favourite, Laura Mercier Oil Free. It's medium coverage and I need two light coats on the bad areas of my cheek that are acne-scarred. As for the shade, it's a 95% match (amazing), leaning ever so slightly on the ashy side but can be corrected with bronzers and luminizers. I'm curious to see how it will last in the heat of summer when I become truly foundation-challenged with my oily skin.

And indeed, every single one of these products smell like roses, which is a trademark of By Terry. It adds to the feeling of luxury as you pamper.

Well, there we have it. Sometimes I think, more than the products themselves, it's really the bargains I have trouble resisting. Maybe I'll be better at practicing restraint by the time I'm 34. ;) But for this week, I'll be enjoying my new "acquisitions" (holla @ Caitlin) as well as lots and lots of cake.


  1. GUH. I'm insanely jealous. The blush and lip gloss look particularly tempting to me. There is nowhere in the States you can get By Terry at a discount, at least nowhere I'm aware of. I've been in the market for a new cream blush for spring and this shade looks perfect. I have a thing for purple-tinted lip glosses, too!

  2. SCORE!!!
    And I am also insanely jealous!!!! WINNERS???? I will be stalking mine here! I got one shadow at my Sephora at 50% off-but you got one for half of what I paid!!!! LUCKY!!!

  3. @Carrie - I'm looking at the teeny tiny blush now and wondering how long it will last and how sad I'll be when it's gone. We might not even get any By Terry products in the country after these clearance items are gone, so... yay, cross-border shopping once I'm hooked?

    @Tracy - I'm so glad I resisted buying more at Sephora! I hope you find them at your Winners!

  4. Happy Birthday! Or Happy Belated ^_^

  5. Excuse me, miss birthday girl, but you are supposed to be reducing your makeup collection. So, I demand that you send me all these things at once and resume your reductionista ways. I swear, it's for your own good. :P

    What amazing deals you got, though! I can't imagine anyone spending those full prices. I guess they really had to cultivate a cult following to stay in business! (amd score! one step closer to 'acquisitions' catching on! haha)

    Happy Birthday!

  6. I really need a bad cop friend to keep me on track. Keep at it and maybe you'll get lucky during my next great purge. ;) Thanks, C!

  7. I really like the look of that blush, will have to make a note of that shade! I have been wanting to try that foundation for a long time, but it costs over £60 here and I just can't bring myself to lay down that much. I do really like the By Terry line, just wish it was a bit cheaper! x

  8. I've been wearing the blush almost every day since getting it and it's WONDERFUL. It almost makes me want to scavenge for a backup. If it weren't for the sale, obviously I never would have picked up any of these items. I do wish they were more affordable but the expensive price tag is part of the allure, too.


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