Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quelling that Lemming: Lise Watier instead of Dior

Beauty bloggers and YouTubers frequently use this term called "lemming" that I still don't quite understand. I suppose it has to do with the small furry animal that mindlessly follows the group to its own destruction? Previous to joining the online beauty community, I only associated lemming with something like this:

 I'd really like to know who started using it as a verb to pretty much mean "to want [insert makeup product name] very very badly because it's pretty." It totally caught on and is now a part of the online vernacular. Props.

One product that I've been lemming particularly is the Dior Le Vernis Aloha/Paradise duo which is a part of the Summer 2011 Electric Tropics collection.

I was struck by the juicy and vibrant colours in this ad and greatly looked forward to snagging the duo for slightly less than the cost of two regular Dior polishes. However, upon visiting the Dior counters at both The Bay and Holt Renfrew, I was told that Aloha was sold as a duo with the Dior top coat instead of Paradise. See all the top coats surrounding Aloha and Paradise in the pic above? I was so focused on the juicy colours that I didn't even notice all these months that they were top coats. Now some clever person in the Dior advertising team can say that I wasn't misled after all. There are more top coats in the pic than Paradise after all!

My face went sour as I was told by the saleswomen who assured me that I was still saving money because the deal is two items for less than the regular prices of both individually. Being the owner of two top coats (by OPI and Seche Vite) already, I wasn't keen on acquiring another top coat and missing out on the joy of Paradise. I wasn't happy and I wasn't assured. While tempted to still buy the offered deal for the sake of Aloha alone, I somehow gathered enough strength to walk away each time.

Days later, the lemming has been subdued substantially. I felt good about walking away -- not only because I was saving money but more so because I didn't fall for a shitty deal. I don't see why Saks or whichever department store in the States had to have the better deal while the rest of the continent was offered the lesser. Love you, Dior, but why?

I looked in my stash for a comparable product and decided to try the new Lise Watier Fun in the Sun. Lise Watier is a Canadian brand sold in Shoppers Drug Mart. For those who don't know Lise Watier, don't knock it because it's sold in drugstores. Lise Watier isn't exactly the cheapest, which I was always surprised by and even critical of. But having tested out a few of their products recently, I've had a total change of heart. I'm loving their nail varnish and Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss. The varnish retails $12 before tax.

The pics are from Day 3 without a top coat. Not too shabby. There's just the slightest of tip wear, mostly on the index finger. It took two very light layers to build colour perfectly and I was impressed by how quickly it dried, even without my beloved Seche Vite top coat.

However, the colour isn't a dupe of Dior Aloha. I'd say it's a coral red with just the slightest of lean toward orange. Aloha being a very hot electric orange, I might have been better off using OPI for Sephora Caliente Coral, but I feel the two oranges are very different. Caliente Coral feels flatter and not "electric." (But for those who feel it's close enough, they're in the clearance bins in Sephora for 50% off. The Sephora website no longer lists it.) Aloha has a certain something that I can't pin down. But so does Fun in the Sun. It's not red, it's not coral, and it's not orange. I pulled out all the similar shades in my stash for a comparison.

Left to right: Mangoes Loco, Fun in the Sun, Caliente Coral, High Maintenance

Left to right: Mangoes Loco, Fun in the Sun, Caliente Coral, High Maintenance

Mangoes Loco and Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun and Caliente Coral

Fun in the Sun and High Maintenance

As you can see, Fun in the Sun is closest to OPI for Sephora High Maintenance, which the Sephora website describes as  "opaque bright orange red." But Fun in the Sun has more orange, which brings it much closer to Aloha than High Maintenance.

So, while my attempt to dupe Aloha probably failed, I realized that I don't care. Because I love this Lise Watier polish and think that it's an excellent product. Now, for our friends in the States, it's your turn for the crappy end of the deal because unfortunately Lise Watier is not sold there nor do they ship to you from their website, as Carrie of eyeliner on a cat so kindly informed me. Ironically enough, though, the nail polish was made...

All I can say is, the Lise Watier Twitter account (@LiseWatier) is manned by some wonderful people who respond quickly to inquiries and questions. Maybe they'll eventually ship outside Canada if you press hard enough!

My posts just seem to grow longer and longer by day. I'll have to work on being more concise. So I bid you a fond farewell until next time with this incredibly cute picture of an actual lemming. I had no idea lemmings were so adorable. The things I learn via beauty blogging!

When was the last time you squashed a lemming? And by lemming, you know which one I mean now.


  1. Haha! Love the post! :) I totally use the word lemming because of the online beauty community! I saw it in real life now as a slip up! "Man, I am really lemming a milk shake!"


  2. Wow, that really was a shit deal they offered. I didn't notice they were top coats in the ad either until you wrote it. I had to scroll back up and look :/ I get that companies want to make money, but the really need to be careful not to offer 'deals' that will peeve current customers.

    I also want to know who started the word 'haul'!

  3. I can't believe the stuff is made in the USA. What do you know. Thanks for letting me know that Lise Watier is on Twitter, I'll have to drop strategic tweets to let then know they've got another potential customer. Lemmings. Evil things they are in the blogging world- all it takes is a good review of an appealing product you didn't know existed (or even ones you did know about), and one is consumed with passion for its acquisition. If I'm lucky, it's just a nail polish and not a $250 perfume that's only sold in Europe.

  4. Hi!

    Been reading your blog fir awhile now and I love it! Thanks for writing it. My lemming product has got to be BB creams and urban decay naked palette. BB creams did turn out to be awesome, the Urban Decay not so much just like you noted. I was able to pass on it at the store. Suddenly in the store it didn't look half as good ad it did in my head.

  5. Dang nab it! Now I'm lemming a lemming....lol!!! Seriously, I did 'cave' and picked up Dior's Aloha about a week ago and was about to post it; I think I need to just add something here: that top coat it comes with? It is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. But seriously. And to be honest, price wise, it really is a good deal for a high end department store brand (ever see CHANEL do anything like this?!). While Lise Watier's is a tad similar, I can honestly tell you after having seen it in person, that it is nowhere near the vividness of Dior. Sorry to potentially stir up the 'lemming' again.....but I cannot tell a lie! :) !!

  6. Haha, Liz, your posts are just getting more awesome every time!
    Now I have a lemming for some bright orange nail polish! :)

  7. @LauraJean396 - Ha! I haven't slipped up like that yet but it's probably only a matter of time.

    @Caitlin - I know, right? I'm peeved that no one ever mentioned it. Not sure what the building of the hype was all about in the end. I was even thinking of getting one of the bronzers but they looked better in the pics and swatches than in person. Also, acquisition > haul. ;D

    @Carrie - Ha, yes, that's true! Perfumes are so much more difficult. Btw, the Lise Watier Tweeter said they're working on shipping to the U.S. eventually.

    @ACE - Hi! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment! I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one to fall out of lust with the Naked palette. It was such a nuisance! Being Korean I should be all over the BB creams but I prefer the fuller coverage of regular foundations.

    @Eugenia - This comment + your post on Aloha almost got me again but I am still resisting!!! :D I know they're not the same but every time I feel tempted, I just glance down at my manicure and feel content without Aloha anyway.

    @Tracy - Thanks, Tracy! Maybe you can indulge in Aloha on my behalf. ;)

  8. lol!! As well you should, Liz! Enjoy the Watier as it's a stunning shade in its own right! I'm just teasing you! Maybe I'll start a library-type service where you can 'take' out a polish, use it (read it!) then give it back for something new! Wouldn't that be a 'novel' idea?!!! (I kill me!!) xox

  9. Library for nail polish is BRILLIANT!!! Seriously, we need to make that happen.

  10. Alas for lost comments thanks to Blogger down time! :(

    Thanks all for reading and commenting! I had a moment of weakness after reading Eugenia's review of Aloha (http://ommorphiabeautybar.com) but I remain strong in resistance!!! :)))

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