Monday, May 23, 2011


I was tagged by Sam of Fashion Polish who is a nail polish genius. Check out her recent post on the creation of a nail polish mimicking the lovely blue of a swimming pool glistening under the sun. Amazing!

Now I have to share ten things about myself and tag some fellow bloggers in return. Ten feels like a bit much, especially because I have talked about myself a lot in the past, so I'm slashing it down to five.

1. I freaking love coffee. Love the smell, the taste, the colour, the hot liquidy goodness that gives me life and joy each morning... ahhh, yes, I'm a bit nuttier than you might have thought I was. At my worst, I drank 7 cups a day. Now in my moderate stage, I keep it to 2-3. On a bad day (all throughout winter) it may shift to 4-5.

2. I have small boobs. During my 20s I diminished from a respectable B for some reason. Maybe I stopped eating some kind of boob-enhancing nutrient?

3. I would do anything for my family. There's a lot of us, and there's a lot of craziness packed into each person, but no matter how difficult things get, I will never abandon them. Today is extra difficult because someone decided not to slap on her hormone patch... but really, if you don't have family, what do you have? I guess I'd have a lot of books and nail polish, but not quite the same.

4. I'm not really a pet person (sort of kind of). I once had a pet frog but that was very short-lived. My aunt tossed the poor thing off the 9th floor balcony and said that it would bounce back. I was in kindergarten but even then I knew better. I then had a puppy but he was forcibly given away by my parents just before my mom gave birth to my youngest sibling. They were afraid the barking was going to interfere with the baby's sleep and I never cared for another pet since. I totally appreciate the cute and the funny and the warmth pets can provide... but I just don't feel the urge to bring in another transitory creature into my life.

5. I like to cook but not bake. There's a lot of room for improvising during cooking. A failed pot roast can easily be turned into a stew. But baking requires more accuracy and there's nothing more infuriating than a dough with the wrong consistency that ultimately has to be tossed due to too much handling. Not so different from working with an uncooperative clay bust.

I now tag the following wonderful and talented ladies:

Caitlin of Beautiful (un)Necessities
Latoya of Beauty Obsessed
Carrie of eyeliner on a cat
Eugenia of Ommorphia Beauty Bar
Tracy of Beauty Reflections

I understand if you're not into awards/tags, but it would be nice to get to know you more aside from your immaculate tastes in beauty products!

Thanks again to Sam for the awards!


  1. Congrats on the awards! You deserve them!
    Why Thank you for the tag! I will try to do this soon! We have quite a few things in common:
    I also LOVE coffee. I've been drinking it since I was 13!
    I also have small boobs-even now at my chubby self I'm only a B. I used to be AA.
    I also like the idea of pets, but can't bring myself to have one.
    No wonder we're friends! XO

  2. Fun times! :)

    Okay, I'm going to share my things here.

    1. I talk to a pigeon couple that live outside the windowsill of the building across from us. They've made a nest and laid two eggs, we are waiting for them to come out. I am pretty obsessed with them, and talk to them frequently, and one in particular always listens to me politely. I feel somewhat responsible for their safety and well-being. I know that makes me batshit crazy.

    2. I love scummy Norwegian (or any Scandinavian) metalhead guys.

    3. I have champagne tastes but live on an apple juice budget.

    4. I judge people with poor fashion taste. Not proud of it, but since we're being honest here...

    5. I went to college for poetry and at one time was co-editor of my own poetry journal, we published well known and not so well known poets. I'm not quite the creative person I once was, but writing about perfume has rekindled a lot of creativity in me.

    6. I appreciate earnestness in people, even if I don't really like them.

    7. Glenn Danzig kissed me on the lips once, because I gave him a vintage book that he really wanted.

    8. I think about perfume practically 25 hours a day, even in my sleep.

    9. When I'm not thinking about perfume, I'm thinking about nail polish.

    10. My cat Troutie is my best friend, much to the chagrin of my husband. :)

  3. I am so glad that story was about the frog going over the balcony, not the puppy :) Love reading more fun facts about you!

  4. @Tracy - Thank you, my dear! I'm really looking forward to your list of 10 things! :D :D

    @Carrie - Thanks for sharing your list! I want to meet your pigeons, I'm totally with you on #3 and #4 (lol), #5 makes a lot of sense with your attention to sensory details... and maybe you won't like me as much now but I had to google Glenn Danzig. I hope the kiss was worth the book!

    @Tracy D - I think the aunt would have followed soon after if it had been a puppy that got tossed off the balcony! lol Thanks for reading. I wanted to tag you, actually, but didn't want to overwhelm you with pressured posts since you just 'got back.' Please do one when you have the time/inclination. :D

  5. Cute tag. It's always nice to learn more about other bloggers. I'm the opposite of you - I love baking, but not so much cooking :)

  6. Thanks! Love the result of baking (yum) but I hate dealing with flour as much as I hate dealing with loose powders. ;)

  7. Thanks for giving us a piece of yourself AND for tagging me too! I'm with Tracy and am totally relieved the puppy didn't take any flying lessons! I love to cook & bake (I'm Greek....we feed's in our genetic makeup!) and am totally family-oriented (see the line about being Greek above!). I would have also added how it is an absolute joy to read your have a knack for taking your readers in and making them feel like it's just you talking to them one on one! I look forward to more from you....any thought of writing your memoirs?! xox

  8. Loved learning more about you! I am SOOOOO right there with you on the coffee. I'm an addict! Plain and simple! ;)

  9. @Eugenia - You are too kind! I wish you lived near me so that I can taste your wonderful Greek cooking! :D As for memoirs, they'll have to be published posthumously so that they don't send my poor mother to an early grave. LOL

    @Amy - I hope one day we can have coffee together and have a real chat session!!! :D :D

  10. What a lovely post! Congrats on the awards Liz!! I can't wait to do my own 5-10 things about me, and see what else we have in common :) I agree, it's so nice to get to know one another better, aside from our joint love of cosmetics!! What I love about the blogging community is I truly do feel like we're friends - it's opened up a whole other way to meet people and its so rewarding!! Looking forward to meeting you next month! :)

  11. To Liz & Latoya: I'm so jealous!!! Wah!! I want to be in on that meeting too...forgot to add that I'm a coffee fanatic! I grind my beans fresh every day & I use distilled water for that absolutely sublime perfect cup (or 4!) @Latoyal, I agree about the amazing friendships one develops as a result of this forum...people you probably would pass on the street turn out to be your "beauty soul-mates"! One day, we'll ALL sit down for some coffee (and a gabfest!) would be my pleasure to treat you to some authentic Greek cuisine (other than Greece, the best Greek home-cooking you'll get is definitely in Montreal...don't let anyone tell you otherwise!)

  12. OMG Eugenia, if (wait...when!!) we all get to meet, I have a feeling it's going to be a LOONNNGGG coffee :D We'll definitely have to make it happen!

  13. Um, we'll have to have coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner, dessert and then do it all over again the next day! Maybe squeeze in some spa time as well!

  14. @Beauty-Obsessed & @Liz're on! I love the idea! We may never! I don't think a couple of days will be enough to talk about everything we probably want to share! I may even bring some of my mom's famous home-made baklava for us to nosh on for our beauty gab-fest! (Liz: spa time sounds like heaven!)

  15. Sounds like a guaranteed good time whenever we're in Toronto/Montreal/Halifax! Seriously, do let me know if you're ever in Toronto and we'll make this day happen!


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