Friday, July 22, 2011

Deborah Lippmann "Lara's Theme" and "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"

Both shades have received a lot of attention from bloggers since they debuted just in time for summer fun, but I didn't get around to putting them on until the last few weeks when temperatures reached scorching levels here in Toronto. I love summer and what the sun and heat do for my naturally cranky disposition, but it still takes quite a while for me to get with the program and actually put on some bright and happy colours.

When I put these on, my mood brightened considerably just looking at my nails. See for yourself!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun is that perfect coral that I've been looking for. It's not too cool or too warm. Perfect balance, formula and finish. Two coats lasted me all week long.


Lara's Theme is a vibrant orange that made me forget all about missing out on Dior Aloha and Essie Brazilliant. To be honest, I'm not very adventurous with brights even on nails, so it took some time to work up the courage to put on my fingertips. I took a Twitter & household poll and this came out on top.

This also took two coats and lasted all week.

When compared together, Lara's Theme puts Girls Just Want To Have Fun to shame with its superior vibrancy, but it wasn't exactly easy trying to find matching outfits that wouldn't clash with bright orange nails. For ease of wear on a daily basis, GJWTHF will probably be the one I reach for more often.

Both shades were temporarily sold out everywhere I looked, but recently I noticed that Lara's Theme has been restocked at the Bloor Street Holt Renfrew. While I was there, I also noticed that the new fall shades were also stocked. But since I'm still learning to embrace brights, I pretended not to see them. It's still July for crying out loud. Let me enjoy being cheerful without reserve for a little while longer, goddammit!


  1. That orange is insane! I want it! I'm trying not to jump on the Deborah Lippmann train because collecting them is so expensive, and I know I would want more than one, lol. But that orange... *sigh*

  2. You have pretty-shaped nails.

    This is good polish, it looks almost jellyish.

  3. I have GJWHF and I think I got to tan to use it now. I kind of wish that I got Lara's Theme, but hadn't because it was so bright that I thought it would be harder to pull off. Funny how life and nails are sometimes :D

  4. Both shades are gorgeous and both look great on you! I've not tried any Deborah Lippmann shades yet, I think I may have to see if I can get my hands on Lara's Theme though. I'm loving orange nail colours at the moment and this is one of the most lovely, juicy, vibrant shades I've seen! Thank you for the swatches and review.

  5. @Larie - If you can find Essie Brazilliant, I think it's a close match for cheaper price!

    @Tracy - I know, right? Goes with your orange series! :)

    @Rae - Thank you! Yes, the texture seems to be a mix of creme and jelly, but it's not sheer at all.

    @D - I think GJWTHF will look great with any skin tone - doesn't it pop nicely against fair skin without going insane like Lara's Theme? :)

    @Nat - Thanks for the lovely comment! If you do get it, I don't think you'll regret it. I'm glad I waited for this and didn't pick up other oranges!

  6. They both look absolutely gorgeous on you, Liz! I'm so glad you were able to pick them up and get to enjoy them now, when the season's at it's swingin' best! Orange, it turns out, isn't as scary to wear as I thought it would be....and no one does it quite like Deborah!

  7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is did I know Tracy would love that Orange shade! Hot enough for you there in TO?

  8. @Eugenia - Thanks, my friend! :D I agree, I don't know what Deborah puts in these polishes but they're phenomenal and worth the higher price!

    @Tracy D - Oh yeah, it's been crazy here. I love the summer heat but even I could take only so much. I've been basing my schedule around the availability of air conditioned buildings, lol!

  9. So pretty! I really need to get my hands on a deborah lippmann polish one of these days!!

  10. Just when I was getting over the Summer polish post this baby and I remember that there are so many great colors still to buy! LOL I didn't pick up either of these but I might have to seriously restrain myself from doing so now!

  11. I know, it's getting insane trying to "keep up" with all the new shades out there! I've been allowing myself to go nuts with NPs but feel lately that I need to cut back again. I've had my fill of brights now, though... until the next round of new juicy shades are released of course. LOL


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