Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 2011 Faves

August was essay/exam month, which means it was punctuated by super caffeinated all-nighters, glasses without makeup, greasy unwashed hair tied up in an unflattering manner... you know. Very glamorous. But I still managed to discover a few gems among the multitude of products crying out to be used and loved.

Dry Idea Clinical Complete Roll On Antiperspirant/Deodorant (Unscented). I don't need deodorant (seriously, I don't ever get b.o. even if I don't shower for a week - tried, tested and true) but I'm always on the hunt for a good anti-perspirant, which is much more difficult. How do sweat pores get blocked? If liquid is meant to be released from the body, it'll come out one way or another. Impossible task. However, I find that this particular roll on antiperspirant actually keeps the wetness at bay for a solid few hours and sometimes even longer than that. It has a strange, slick feel once applied, but let it dry for a minute before putting on your outfit and it works well without leaving powdery or visible remnants behind. I can't tell you whether the deodorant aspect of it works, but as an antiperspirant, it's definitely a winner. Sold at drugstores for $7-10.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Reviewed here.

Chanel Peridot Nail Colour. Reviewed here.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Travel Pack. I was so impressed by the cleansing wipes from the same line that I decided to give the entire line a try. So far I like it a lot. It doesn't smell very nice, but the constant stream of breakouts seems to have stopped for now and even look like they're healing. Full review to come once I finish the trial.

GOSH Silky Cream Blusher Stick in Tropical Breeze. I enjoyed this so much that it basically became a summer fave. I mentioned it briefly in my July Faves but failed to do a proper review.

This was a limited edition summer release from GOSH Cosmetics which is a Danish brand sold in Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada. I picked it up for about $5-6 and was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly the product applied and blended for a perfectly natural look despite the garish orange shade in the tube.

I was also impressed by the clear protective cap that is provided under the cap. I don't know that a second level protection is actually necessary, but I suppose two seals are better than one, right? In any case, I really appreciate that, especially for what is essentially a budget brand.

There was a small crack on the surface of the blush, but given the low cost and rather satisfying quality of the product, I can totally overlook that.

I know the photos make it look very shimmery, but I swear the shimmer didn't show on the face once I blended carefully. The orange shade worked beautifully with a light tan.

There you have it. Hopefully I can showcase more exciting makeup in September. In the meanwhile, I'd love to hear what you've been enjoying this month!


  1. That Gosh Blush was a fave of mine as well this summer!
    The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil sounds really interesting. I can hardly wait for the review. My skin has been horrible lately!

  2. I loved your orange blush series! :)

    This Body Shop oil is only 15%. I'm going to be comparing it against a 100% pure tea tree oil. Stay tuned!

  3. My post is coming up tomorrow morning...I think. And ooh, I wonder if I can find that antiperspirant here? I don't use deodorant either (and I don't think anyone has ever complained about me smelling funny? :p) but I could use a good antiperspirant...will have to look!

  4. Why is everyone raving about Peridot?? I only have so much willpower left!

    I like the look of that Gosh blush :) The tube packaging is pretty cute.

  5. Great favourites! I've never tried anything from Gosh, will have to take a look at their products because the blush looks great! The Body Shop Tea Tree products sound good too. I haven't tried anything from the brand for a while now, keep hearing good things about their stuff though. Looking forward to your review on the kit.

  6. I must try more GOSH. I have only ever tried their lip products and I really like them a lot.

  7. I used The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil products in the past when I've had breakouts and they've worked a treat. Interested to read your review of those!
    And oh Peridot, one day I may have money to purchase you...*sigh*


  8. @Larie - It's probably sold online somewhere if not at the drugstore. But I hope you find it cuz it's kind of awesome!

    @Makeup Morsel - It's amazing that any of us blogging have ANY kind of will power left! Okay, you don't need Peridot. You'll just miss out on it for the rest of your life if you don't get one now. Oops. ;)

    @Nat - I've been avoiding The Body Shop for years until recently. I feel like they're kind of making a comeback somehow. And do check out Gosh - I think it's such a great budget brand!

    @Zuzu - I like their nail polish as well. And they have a giant bronzer that also looks quite appealing!

    @Evelyn - Seems like tea tree works well for most people. I need to bust out the 100% pure tea tree oil and compare. And nice blog name: it's one of my fave things to say. (FYI, no need to leave the URL since your profile is public.)

  9. Well aren't you the smart girl, I had no idea GOSH was a Danish line. I am saving my beauty dollars for the B&B surf spray next, can't wait!

  10. Love that Gosh blush! Last year, I indulged in all 3 shades of NARS' tinted LE multiples, and while I may never get to finish them, I really loved the results I got using them. Is this Gosh blush similar to that? And I love that hint of shimmer it has....looks really pretty against your skin tone, Liz!

  11. @Tracy D - Woo! Can't wait to see the results of the Surf Spray on your hair!

    @Eugenia - I actually regret not picking up those LE Multiples. Rats! I would say NARS Multiples are a lot creamier in texture than the GOSH, but the price difference from $6 to $40 is much more vast than the difference in quality!

  12. I was going to ask the same q as Eugenia about the comparison to NARS Multiples. The price difference makes it hard to not at least consider the GOSH product! I have one multiple that I only got b/c it was free - I haven't been able to shell out that much cash for one before. It's great to know that if I have a real itch for one, I have other options to check out. Thanks!!

  13. I only have one Multiple, too. The shade (Maui) happens to be fabulous for me but I honestly don't see a huge difference in texture and finish. Oh, but one major difference is the size. Not that I'd ever finish the tiny GOSH but the NARS Multiple is downright humongous.


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