Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drugstore Discovery: NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in "Rose Glow"

My friend J who actually reads this blog commented the other day that I don't discriminate between high-end names and drugstore brands. That is true for the most part. I usually operate on a more complicated system of bias and prejudice that no one has the time to analyze unless they're getting paid for it. The point is I'm glad that I haven't lost the ability and desire to swoop in on a bargain buy even after my first Chanel makeup purchase.

One of the drugstore makeup brands I have a strange fondness for is NYC New York Color. I honestly don't know why. I didn't grow up with it nor did I even notice it until two years ago. Maybe it's the super low price range or the simplicity of their packaging. Perhaps it's the way all these things together point to the refreshing way the brand doesn't claim to be more than what it is. According to the NYC website: "Uptown Style: Down to Earth Prices." Yup, sign me up for down to earth prices!

Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Rose Glow

I picked this face powder because (a) it was on sale for something crazy like CAD$2.99 (sold online for USD$4.99), and (b) it's PRETTY.

The Claim:
Enhances skin tone with a fresh rosy glow and helps reduce shine. Oil absorbing. Fragrance Free.

For the record, I've been remiss in posting ingredients in my reviews but that's something I'm striving to improve going forward.

On me it wears like a very soft blush. It has been a while since my blush has been so subtle, but it's great for the no-makeup makeup days when you want to add a bit of something without looking "done."

There are four different shades that can be swirled together for a rather natural and softly pigmented colour. It's like having a powder, bronzer, matte sculptor and shimmery blush combined together.

Despite the shimmery bits, the general effect is on the matte side.

I'm kind of impressed with this product given the amazingly low price. It's densely packed and has almost no fall-out. For a powder it's pretty smooth.

The most natural blush I owned prior to this was Benefit Dandelion. Rose Glow is not as pink as Dandelion, which I appreciate. On my NC30-ish skin, it's oh-so-natural. Uh oh, I'm starting to love mosaic powders.

Apparently there was a Peach Glow version of this blush that was discontinued, which is too bad. The other options are Transluscent Highlighter Glow, Pink Cheek Glow and All Over Bronze Glow. I'm currently drowning in powders and bronzers right now; otherwise I would have picked up everything in the series given the bargain price.

NYC products are sold at Rexall/Pharma Plus across Canada and online here.

Have you tried NYC makeup before? What's your bargain fave/recent discovery?


  1. Is it important to your readers that you discriminate between high-end and drugstore brands? I sometimes worry that if all I ever review is the high-end stuff, people will lose patience. Then again, we likes what we likes, and that looks REALLY pretty. I love pinks and beiges and light browns together.

    I don't necessarily think about the brand before I buy something. It's the color that initially grabs me and the texture/performance that keeps me using it. (And there are some pricey high-end products that have really crappy textures and color payoff, like the new Armani eye quads.) If the bargain packaging doesn't totally suck, I'd rather buy something cheaper and save my money for something more important, like a new dishwasher that runs so silently I can't even tell it's on. No one is going to care about some hideously overpriced compact sitting in my drawer but me, and I don't really need to impress myself. ;)

  2. I haven't tried anything from NYC but this looks good. What brush are you using here? x

  3. Oh girl, you know I love a bargain. I've got a complicated methodology when it comes to purchases too. It would require a series of matrices entered into a sql database and configured with complicated logarithms to compute it. And I think the answer, the answer would amount to X. Haha, a little computer geek/math geek humor. Alright I'll stop.

    So it's like a multi-use powder? Almost like an all over powder, but more like a blush, highlighter, bronzer, really depending on which one you get sort of powder. Now I want it, I want it because it's so cheap and it looks so cool. Desire, building....

  4. I really like NYC's blush sticks- the colors are long lasting and super easy to blend. I tend to buy more $$ makeup but I do love a bargain!
    For example, today I'm wearing my LMdB Silk Road set and a liner from Physician's Formula (that was a little over $3). The liner is GORGEOUS and has worn like IRON all day! I'm going to go back and get more, more, more! If a product works and it appeals to me- I will buy it.

    BTW- what brush are you using with this powder? It looks lovely. jeanie =)

  5. coincidence! I have a rant about drugstore brands coming up...but it has more to do with how they are presented (i.e., in a drugstore, on a dusty shelf, etc.) than the product itself. That said, I don't have any mosaic powders. Powders with prints on them kind of confuse me, really, because my inner OCD girl doesn't want to mess up the patterns (except with Dior Aurora - toooooo pretty not to have and use :P).

  6. I have the Pink Cheek glow and it's a little too chalky for this bargain loving girl. That said their blushable creme sticks are da BOMB..I used one this morning in fact. They last forever and are also wearable on the lips!

  7. @Zuzu - I'm definitely in a race to remain in a state of being perpetually impressed with myself! God, I am a harsh mistress. Btw, I meant that I DON'T discriminate. ;D But I think we're insulated from being makeup snobs as bloggers. I know plenty of people who never shop makeup at the drugstore anymore and think spending a minimum of $xx = better quality. Of course, few will admit it but I think we're all guilty of falling into the trap now and then! Having said that, that Lancome Maison Blush I got is burning a hole in my conscience. I may have to return it.

    @Evelyn - It's a Sonia Kashuk blush brush I picked up as another bargain purchase last year.

    @D - I feel like your X probably makes a lot more sense than my XYZ! Yup, it's like an all-in-one powder, except it mostly works as a blush on my skin tone. It may act as an illuminator/bronzer on others. Definitely too rosy to be a regular powder, though. I say go for it if you have room to spare on your vanity or if it's too late to save yourself!

    @Jeanie - It's a Sonia Kashuk blush brush - also another great bargain buy! I agree; just like with fashion, it's fun to mix things up! I'm saving the blush stick review for another day. :)

    @Larie - Ooooh, have a read a rant by you before? I think not. Waiting with baited breath. I like mosaics because my laziness is MUCH more powerful than my OCD. But I couldn't buy the Dior bronzer because it was TOO PRETTY! Does this make any sense?!?

    @Tracy D - I love the blush sticks, too! I think that's what led me to the brand in the first place, actually. There was some rave reviews on YouTube about them for a while. Got a review on one of them coming up later in the month!

    @Meredith - Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  8. How does this powder seem to last on your skin? If the answer is even half-positive, then I'd say you got yourself one heck of a bargain!! Don't you just love it when you come across something that totally suits you, yet didn't force you into bankruptcy? I love the thrill of an inexpensive, yet fabulous product! Would love to see this on you!

  9. Wear time is pretty good!!! But I usually don't have problems with makeup lasting even though my skin is oily.

    Ah, honestly I'm not being hard on myself when I say that I can't do FOTDs for very good reasons. Right now acne is wreaking havoc and you don't want to see that!

  10. Yessss I agree Rose Glow is a lovely blush and I never would have guessed it without reading up about it on makeupalley! Lately my new favourite is Hard Candy Living Doll, which is also an amazing drugstore find.

  11. I get dizzy reading reviews on MUA but they can be very helpful like that! Glad you discovered the greatness of this little gem! I haven't tried HC Living Doll but I sense danger, lol.

  12. Color wheels/mosaic powders seem to give a really nice and natural look. I love it when I find things like this on sale :P

    P.S. what brush is that? It looks so fluffy!

  13. It's a Sonia Kashuk blush brush! It's not the greatest, actually, but it serves the purpose. I'll be doing a very unexciting makeup brush inventory soon, so stay tuned for that! lol

  14. I had this one and Pink Cheek Glow - think both were pretty and might eventually repurchase. NYC has some pretty good products in the range - lip glosses, nail polishes. But as always, we need to check ourselves as the quality often varies from a product to another one.

  15. Nice to have an agreement! I like one of their lip gloss and cream cheek colour. They haven't let me down yet. But I still hesitate to try their foundation or eye stuff, which are items I'm very very careful about. It's not a b

  16. (cont'd) It's not a blind love for the brand.


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