Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not quite a dupe but close: Maybelline Natural Beauty vs. Dior Camel

I took a jaunt through Shoppers Drug Mart the other day, taking in what was new and interesting in the cosmetics aisle as your typical beauty addict does, at least a few times a week. (What's that? Sometimes a few times a day? Yer (we're) nuts!)

I was doing fine until I saw this little bottle, sitting there on the display among its fellow "limited edition" items which, thankfully for my wallet, weren't as interesting. Bless Maybelline for keeping it real -- it's only $5.

It's that funky camel colour that's been invading fall collections recently. This one looked a bit darker than the others... but never can tell until tested, right?

But first, note once more that it's a LIMITED EDITION colour.

This happened to be the last bottle I saw in that particular Shoppers. I heaved a heavy sigh when I saw the LE sticker. A pox on this limited edition crap! Boo! Hiss!

Ahem. [Very lengthy rant deleted.]

The shade is called Natural Beauty #805.

It falls somewhere between camel and dark flesh tone. I love the colour on me and think it'll look nice on everyone. Yes, everyone.

I didn't wear a base coat underneath it, planning for it to be only a three-day manicure. If you can detect ridges, that's just my nails and not to be blamed on the formula. It's a bit streaky and doesn't flow as nicely as Essie and OPI, but covers well with two coats. It dries relatively quickly with the finish on the flat/matte side, so a glossy top coat is recommended.

Comparison from left to right: OPI San Tan-tonio, Maybelline Natural Beauty, OPI Chocolate Moose, Dior Camel. You can tell right away that Chocolate Moose is nowhere near close, so that's out.

While at Shoppers, I was sure that Natural Beauty would be a closer match to San Tan-tonio than Camel, but I was wrong. Natural Beauty is definitely more mellow yellow.

With Dior Camel, which I reviewed last month here. Not a bad copy, Maybelline. However, Camel is lighter, contains micro shimmer and has a flawless formula. Natural Beauty might feel a bit flat by comparison. Still... it's only $5! I'm not complaining.

For one, it's a great seasonal colour that complements autumnal shades perfectly.

I wore it like this today with a pair of dark wash jeans and rust-coloured sweater. I could swear my morning class professor looked at me a few times like, 'WTF are you staring at your nails so much?'

"I'm sorry, sir, but I love it so much when a bargain product turns out well. You're lucky I didn't wear Camel to class today."

Oh, how I wish this conversation actually took place!

For those who missed out on Camel, would you say Natural Beauty is a good enough replacement? And if you still hate camel, that's okay. It's only $5 and less than the cost of a trip to your local Starbucks. I say it's worth the experiment.


  1. Hmmm...I'll take my latte, thanks, but thanks for the post :D It's always nice to know that there are more affordable options out there!

  2. "Good enough replacement".....perhaps, at least the price ups its appeal significantly, but I still think that Dior's Camel has that certain "je ne sais quois" that elevates it to 100% unique status. That being said, for anyone gnashing their teeth at having missed out on the Dior, here's your chance at curbing that lemming! Trust you, Liz, to come across this little gem!

  3. That is a very nice tan color.

  4. Wow Liz, that looks fantastic. I got the Camel and now I want your Maybelline replacement. Yikes, I need to attend some sort of nude-a-holic intervention don't I?

  5. I really like this colour on you! It's so very casual, yet sophisticated, non? Darn it, I was just at Shopper's today. Looks like I meed to go back!

  6. I've got San Tan-Tonio in my collection but I think I might hunt down Camel or Natural Beauty because they're more of a true warm camel shade. Funnily enough, a camel polish was what I was looking for in the first place when I settled for STT!

  7. Beautiful color! I've been looking for the perfect nude/tan color for my nails. I must go grab this!

  8. @Larie - Hmm... camel is kind of the colour of latte. ;)

    @Eugenia - They're totally different to me too but might be considered close enough for some! My sisters, for instance, might think they're too similar. They keep asking me why I have so many of the same shades, lol!

    @Rae - Hi, glad you like!

    @D - I hear there's a nude trend in the works, so you can work toward it with this little bottle or just shield your eyes from now on! Btw, if you ever choose not to look at a post out of fear of lemming, I won't be offended. I've been feeling a bit torn on causing lemmings lately.

    @Tracy - I went to a few different Shoppers and Rexalls since and didn't see it anywhere else. I'm not sure if I was too late or if this particular Shoppers pushed it out earlier!

    @Vita - I know, me too! I like STT well enough but it didn't quite feel worth a post, so I didn't even review it. I'm glad the true camels came along!

    @Frances - You should write a post when you find it! :)

  9. Don't worry Liz, I am a big enough girl to be able to resist the lemming. I think it's because I am aware of it now, before when I started to want things on a whim I wasn't so cognizant of my actions, more often than not I am tempted by sales.
    I'm at this place where I can see things and think they're pretty and not buy them, but I do fall hard for nudes. But I have plenty...I think I'll be OK to view posting and not pass out from sheer desire (emphasis on think). What doesn't kill me makes me stronger?

    But you are so sweet to fear for my safety :D
    I love ya Liz!!!

  10. lol i'm not a huge fan of browns but it does look nice on you. i feel like with nude color nails i get sick of them faster than other colors. on the other hand i do that all the time too. i stare at my nails a lot wen i like my manicure lol i like study it haha my coworker commented on my nails after she saw me stare at them lol

  11. @D - Kisses to you!

    @Isabella - Lol... I do sometimes wonder how vain I seem when I'm studying my manicure for chips or blotting my face. ^^

  12. Oh Liz you crack me up...picturing in my head what the deleted rant said :) I saw a blog mentioning QUOs coffee & cream nail polish and it looked a little deeper than this one, I have never seen their polishes but am going hunting soon!

  13. What, Quo has nail polish?!? I've seen the new Quo by Orly but not Quo by itself. Hmmm... you've set off my hunter's instinct now!

    As for the rant, it was about 3 paragraphs long and I want people to actually read the post, lol.

  14. I'm a sucker for high end products, so I'd likely never choose Maybelline's version over Dior's, even if I missed out on Dior - I'm funny that way. Its the beauty snob in me coming out, and I'm not proud of it, but that's just the way it is! :P However, for those of you who AREN'T ridiculous as I am, this is a great option and I'm sure many people appreciate the comparison! I think they're close enough that you could get away with it. Good eye, Liz!

  15. Well, after having worn this one for almost an entire week, I'm not exactly impressed by its quality and would concur Dior rules in so many ways! But yeah, for those who have better control over their wallets, this may be the more prudent option. ;)


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