Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inventory #5.1: Mascaras

Hallelujah! I have only THREE mascaras! And only one is being used while the other two remain sealed!!!

Look at the drastic improvement since last year!

Last year I had 13 mascaras + 2 lash primers -- ALL going at the same time. And out of the 13, I only did about three of them any justice and gave a good attempt with the primers. The rest were totally wasted and had to be tossed due to old age rather than usage.

Clinique Lash Power

This is my go-to every day ordinary mascara. It has a teeny tiny brush that is perfect for my teeny tiny eyes and lashes. The formula is on the wet side but does dry to a completely smudge/flake-proof result that lasts all day long. And best of all, somehow it comes off super easily with warm water. I think this is my third time buying it.

Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint

I got this last year and never opened it. I'm not sure why I bought it or what I was expecting. Anyone have any stories about this one?

L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes

This is another go-to mascara for me. Also third time purchase. I'm determined to keep this sealed and not use it until I finish the Clinique Lash Power. In terms of volume/length, L'Oreal Beauty Tubes definitely gives more oomph to the lashes than Clinique Lash Power. But it's not buildable and I feel like you have to work faster with this before it dries on the lashes. Still, it also lasts all day, does not budge, smear, smudge... and again, comes off with warm water.

As for the primer on the other end of this tube -- I'm going to ignore it. Lash primers do nothing except to cover the lashes in white and makes the job of applying mascara even more difficult. I just don't see enough of a difference to go through this extra step. Here's a thought, makeup companies: how about coming out with dark coloured lash primers, huh? 


So, that's it for me. I'll stick to the Clinique and L'Oreal for the most part and play around with a new mascara every once in a while. But going forward, I will not keep more than 2 or 3 in my possession.

Oh, and I always buy all my mascaras in the blackest black possible. And usually waterproof. I know it opens up the eyes or whatever, but applying mascara is one of the biggest chores ever. I'll happily do without any if I must.

How many mascaras do you have? Is it a must-have for you each day?


  1. I wear mascara almost daily which is why I have about 12 tubes in my stash. Only 4 are opened though, the rest will be saved!

  2. Hahahaha, you and I are totally alike. I am constantly buying new ones to "try them out" and then go back to my HG mascaras. I love the Clinique one too because of the small lash brush! With that in mind, you should check out Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara. This one has been on my HG list for about 9 months. It's really really really great

  3. Wow, that's impressive. I'm weird about mascaras. I like them, but rarely use them. Not that I don't necessarily need them, but just I'm too lazy. Like the whole curl so you don't get raccoon eyes is annoying at best and of course the beauty queen winning the pageant look with mascara running down your face while trying to take it off isn't so cute. But most of all during allergy seasons my eyes may water and that is a danger I can not afford to mess with. But when all the stars are aligned I do like to curl and brush them, taking me from poker straight to slightly plush. Eh, the Asian eyelashes. I like Clinique too, but I liked the Kanebo one a lot too. I don't know if they sell it here anymore.

  4. im so jealous!! reading ur posts really do inspire me to downsize xD my mascara inventory is like ur last years xD gotta clear out soon ^^

  5. Clinique mascaras are some of the best around I have to say. I think I have 5 opened tubes of mascara right now, but my fave has the Mally's Volumizing mascara I got from QVC. It's awesome.

  6. I'm a waterproof mascara girl too. Interesting how your two favourites don't appear to be waterproof ... ?

  7. Oh, MAN, I have seven mascaras in rotation right now. 4 of them are from MAC, two are from Lancome, one by Fairydrops. I have to wear mascara everyday, so most of them are done before that 3-month mark. My current favourite (I've gone through three tubes already this year!) is MAC's Haute & Naughty. :)

  8. @Ashley - I should have asked in the post: What are you using and are they any good???

    @Christina - Thanks for the rec - I'll check it out eventually! I've used another Rimmel that I wasn't very impressed with (some purple one that I forget the name of). I've been staying away ever since but Rimmel's pretty cheap when it goes on sale.

    @D - I've never heard of Kanebo! And you just described perfectly my usual routine with mascaras. There are many days when I just throw my hands up and give up. And then promptly go out and buy a new expensive mascara! Hahaha.

    @Isabella - You can be the new me next year. ;) Seriously, it was painful tossing all those and I'm determined not to do it again!

    @Tracy - Clinique mascaras are generally solid and never get any raves! I've never tried anything from Mally. But then mascaras love you and your lashes!

  9. @Boo - I know, right? I don't know what makes the Clinique stick but it's kind of amazing. As for the L'Oreal, it's a "tubing" mascara and doesn't have to be waterproof.

    @Denise - How's the Fairydrops? I was tempted by it but managed to resist so far. I've never tried a MAC mascara actually. I'll add Haute & Naughty to the list of to-try!

  10. Oh man, you don't want to know how many mascaras I have in my arsenal. (walks away in shame!).

  11. I've been downsizing too. I remember at one point I had to throw out 6 mascaras at the same time, and I didn't get much use out of some of them. I've got 2 sample sizes open right now, but I think I'll be good and stick to one at a time from now on! I've heard good things about that L'Oreal mascara, might try it for my next mascara :) It's unfortunate that all my favorites aren't easily available in the US.

  12. Tubing mascaras are "naturally" waterproof? Good to know! I have some mascaras coming to me from my Aunt, who's back from HK, and I think a couple are tubing mascaras.

    Do you use waterproof mascaras because they hold curl better? I have to use waterproof mascara because I've read about the curling thing, and also because my eyes water when I yawn and well... I'm an exhausted student more often than not. Hence, my often watery eyes.

    ps I've finished item #9 for my P13P! I am close to the end of a few more products and I can't wait. Gosh. What will I do? :)

    pps Also, I dropped by Sephora two days ago. Was interested in the Sephora favourites mascara kit but it didn't have the same allure when I saw it in person. I really wanted to take a look at the Sephora faves kit with the Peter Thomas Roth lash serum (to use on my brows), but for some reason Sephora isn't supplying it to Canada. oh well! Didn't buy a single thing. Yay!

  13. Good work! I used to be bad with mascaras and have a dozen going at once, but I made myself stop and use one at a time. I've been wanting to get rid of them all so I can justify buying my holy grail Chanel Inimitable, but mascara is one of those things I just seem to keep acquiring. Every time I'm getting close to using them all up someone sends me a freebie or I get one in a GWP or something.

    At the moment I have an Elizabeth Arden one that a friend got in a goodie bag and sent me because she's allergic to any EA stuff. Then I have a L'Oreal one that came from somewhere I can't remember and once that's finished, I'm buying the Chanel, baby! But I just know another one will turn up before then...

    And it's the one thing I couldn't go without. I can go barefaced but I have to have mascara.

  14. Wow 13! I think lash primers are ok, using the shiseido one which is pretty highly raved, but it gives a more 'fake' spidery look. I personally love mascara, it can make such a subtle but big difference which is so nice :D so it's definitely worth it to explore and splurge on. Have you tried clinique's new lower lash mascara? I'm thinking of getting it when I'm done with mine since I always have a problem with smudging at the end of the day :(

    I was looking at your previous post about eyeliner and I TOTALLY GET YOUR PROBLEM! I have one ideal tapered eyelid eyes and the other is a hooded monolid. What's worse is that the shape is pretty different and my hooded eye is actually bigger than my tapered eye which is super obvious when I put double eyelid tape. Fake eyelashes are a nightmare as the hooded eye points straight while the tapered eye points up!

    For me what I found most useful is either to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner for a pretty thick eyeliner effect, while trying to use eyeshadow to tone the effect out or for a more natural look just tightline the upper lashline for thicker lashes and subtly defined eyes. Using a bronze/brown liner on the outer 1/3 of the lower lashline works out pretty well too :D Definitely need to find more ways around this problem!

  15. I've managed to downsize to about 4 mascaras at the moment, which is probably still too much but a lot better than before. I never really know what to do with mascaras that don't work out...it's so wasteful!

    But mascara is definitely a must have item for me! I feel so naked leaving the house without it!

  16. OK, I beat you there. I've got 6 mascaras on the go at the moment, although 2 will be tossed at the end of the month and will pop up in my empties post - one cos I've been using it too long (I always break the 3 month rule and realise a few months later!), the other because it just didn't work for me...

  17. @Makeup Morsels - Are you into Asian brands? What are your faves?

    @Boo - Umm... I probably won't explain it properly but the tubes basically wrap around your lashes instead of coating them and are extra resistant to the elements. Yet they come off easily with water. I know. The only mascara that held a good curl for me was MUFE Smokey Lash Waterproof but it smudged all day long. I actually think non-waterproof mascaras might have better curling action but I've given up on curling my pin-straight lashes. Go figure that as an Asian my head is totally curly but my lashes stay true to heritage. I also wear contacts and am also an exhausted student, so I hear ya. Congrats on finishing #9! Wow!!!

    @Dee - I'm not even opening up samples now - I just give them away or don't accept them. That's my plan, to reduce the stash and stick with holy grails only from now on.

    @tabby - I tried the tiny mascara from Fiberwig way back when and found that it wasn't really doing anything for me. So I won't be trying the Clinique lower lash one either. And OMG on FINALLY having someone understand the one hooded eye business!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! Honestly, it is SUCH a pain. But for me, fake lashes actually help even out the eyes - I just can't be bothered to apply them... like ever. It's just too much work. One of these days, I'll visit Korea and get that eyelid procedure done on my one eye. Then I can wear the shizz out of the lifetime supply of eyeliners in my possession!

    @Stacey - RIGHT??? And you can't even test out mascaras properly because samples at the stores are contaminated. I was bad about returning things in the past - that's also improved and helped keep the stash down.

    @Vita - I always break the 3-months rule too. It's more like 6 months. But sometimes I like mascaras better at the end of the life span when it's a bit drier.

  18. The Fairydrops is great; it's phenomenal for adding length and volume and actually keeps lashes SUPER CURLED all day long. But it's a fibre mascara, and it's also waterproof, two things I personally don't like in a mascara. But if you like either of those things, you'll love Fairydrops! I find that it's better for short lashes, though -- I have really long lashes, and I find that it makes them look like scary spider legs...

    Make Haute & Naughty your first MAC mascara -- insanely good for volume!

  19. OH, DENISE. You just totally sold me on Fairydrops! Sounds right up my alley. And what, you have long lashes? Lucky!!

  20. Using the bf's computer so all comments are quickie :P But I had to say, going from 15 to 3 is ridiculously amazing, give yourself a big freakin' pat on the back girl! Holy smokes. Once again, you SO help me maintain my own commitment to the reduction cause. Woohoo!!

  21. Yay! *pat pat pat* Hmmmm... that was awkward. Hehe, thanks, Toya - your support helps a lot! But I find that I'm better with the products I don't care about so much while the stuff I love are out of control. The next one won't be as impressive. Quite the contrary as a matter of fact. :/

  22. I think I have 6 on the go right now (ridiculous!) Clinique makes great mascara, completely under-rated in my opinion. I'll have to try that L'Oreal one.

  23. Well, dear Tracy, six is only half of what I had going last year, so you're doing okay. ;) Let me know how you like the L'Oreal if you do!

  24. Great progress, congratulations!
    I have four sealed (sales, gifts) and one opened. I am usually very good with mascaras as I replace them every 3-4 months.

  25. Thanks, Jaromira! I'm definitely going to be good with mascaras from now on. Last year was a hard lesson. :)


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