Friday, November 25, 2011

Progress! My eighth empties post.

You know what? This empties thing is pretty easy now. It's kind of amazing how fast I go through things once I decide to devote myself to them from beginning to end. And that feeling of having to go out to get a replacement for the finished product? EVEN MORE AMAZING.

Philosophy Pure Grace Perfumed Hot Salt, Tub and Shower Scrub

I was in love with Pure Grace and hoarded the perfume, travel size perfume, shower gel, body lotion and this body scrub. The perfumes and the lotion still remain. This scrub was quite good but slightly on the harsh side. It's harsh until the salt starts to melt down. I'm not sure if this is still being sold, what with Philosophy pushing out a thousand new bath products each season. Even if it is, I doubt I'll buy it again, simply for the reason that there are so many other scrubs I want to try and this one isn't good enough to return to.

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse

As far as mousses go, I quite like this. It's cheap and holds the curl. Unfortunately it does have that crunchy look that one wants to avoid, but I'd run this through wet hair after my night shower, let the hair dry before going to bed and wake up with some nice curling/wave action that doesn't look stiff or greasy. The only issue is the nozzle that falls off after a while. Weak. I reattached it but once in a while it'll fall off again and become an annoyance. Not sure whether I'd repurchase.

Nivea Refreshing Toner

This was my no-fuss toner. It's not anti-acne or have any treatment properties. It does, however, contain both alcohol and fragrance. While I didn't experience any problems with it, alcohol and perfume are two ingredients something I'm going to attempt to avoid in skincare products. Despite it, I really liked this toner. It's a great $5 toner when on sale.

The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Pack

I didn't finish this one but it has to be tossed. My cousin left it here after staying with us for six months and I used it only once after she left. Since then, the girl has gotten married and had a kid. I can't believe so much time has gone by and this product was still sitting in my bathroom cabinet. I decided to contribute to the circle of life by tossing it in the garbage.

Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Gel-Cream

I can't remember the last time I finished such a big jar of facial moisturizer. I skip moisturizers quite often in the summer due to excessive oiliness but this one had a nice cooling effect. Frankly, it's the best lightweight moisturizer I've ever used, drugstore brand or no. I'm going to play around with some other products for a while but definitely make a return to this if I can't find a better replacement.

Boscia Peppermint Blotting Linens

This is the last of last year's stock. I kept it at work on my desk and blotted my face with it about 5 times per day. This year's Peppermint linens with the gold packaging is now being toted around in my purse and kept at the desk as well. I might pick up a few more before they disappear since shopping around for blotting linens is a huge snorefest.

Bliss Triple Oxygen +C Energizing Cream

Bliss is one of those brands I was really skeptical about. All sorts of gimmicky and not at all convincing. I have the Oxygen Facial Mask and thought I'd give it another try. This sample cream was a nice follow-up to the mask. It's good for normal skin, I think. Not moisturizing enough for dry skin and slighty too heavy for oily skin though probably okay for colder winter evenings. I wore it twice before tossing the sample: once in the morning and once at night. It's just okay, nothing to rave about or disparage either.

Kinerase Clear Skin Moisture Light and C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment

I got the C8 Peptide sample from Sephora forever ago when they still carried Kinerase. I'm a little torn on how I feel about the C8 Peptide. Sometimes it feels amazing, like it did fill in the lines and plump up the face. And then there were days when it seemed to do nothing. It didn't break me out or feel like there was anything on my skin at all, so it's a good treatment to add underneath moisturizer for those who are wary of piling things on. This little tube lasted for months and months because I only applied it around my eyes where fine lines have begun to form and over my forehead where years of scowling and glaring have left their mark. Perhaps I'll splurge for the full size after some more scowling and frowning. I hope Shoppers will continue to carry this line.

As for the Clear Skin Moisture Light which is an anti-blemish moisturizer, I thought it too was great until one day I detected a funky smell. This was the result of a swap and the swapper promised that it was a brand new untouched tube. I believe her -- but the thing is, I don't know how long she had it for. Still, it gave me the chance to test it out for a few weeks before I threw it away. It has a nice, lightweight feel and is a decent moisturizer for oily skin. I'm not convinced that it prevents blemishes but it doesn't cause any new ones or aggravate existing issues.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

I thought of sending this to the garbage unfinished but the die-hard frugal part of me wouldn't let up. So I used this over my T-zone where it could use the mattifying effect and used something else around my cheeks and mouth where skin is dryer. Originally reviewed here.

Clinique Lash Building Primer

It's being tossed 90% full, simply because I opened it a long time ago but never actually used it. Now it's too old to even consider testing. Also, I'm done with lash primers. They don't work for me and I refuse to take that extra step in the morning.

Kinerase Elixir Ultime

I received this sample in the October Luxe Box reviewed here -- and it was one of the items I was most eager to try out. My issue of not having enough product was untrue. I was able to run a generous amount through wet hair as well as use the remainder of the mini bottle for touch-ups in the mornings a few more times. The texture is thinner and more liquid than the MoroccanOil but it has a similar oily feel. There's a fresh scent that tickles the nose a little without coming off too strong. And what it does for the hair? Amazing. Hair dried soft and shiny. A few more drops took away any remaining frizz in the morning. Small amount goes a long way. Luxe Box says the regular price for the full size is $50. I am so very tempted. But I think I'll wait until a few more hair products get tossed.

In total:

  • 5 full sizes
  • 4 travel size/samples
  • 3 full sizes

Slowly but surely, my stash is shrinking. Unfortunately, none of these are makeup. Skin/haircare products are definitely easier to get rid of than anything else... but I'm working on the makeup too! A few lip glosses are being worked overtime so that I can get off the lippie ban (you Lipstick Bandits are killing me with your glorious swatches!) -- but there is no way I'm going to hit pan on a shadow or finish an eyeliner this year. Still, I'm not losing hope. The purpose of the ban is to help me rediscover hidden gems. It's also helping me discover what needs to be tossed.

What have you emptied or tossed lately? How are your bans and emptying projects going?


  1. Good job, Liz! I still have a few oldies kicking that I need to empty in the next week or two, but I'm doing quite good as well!

  2. I had quite a few P10P's/bans going at the start of the year but only two have actually been successfully...
    I'll have my last 2011 empties post up in late December. It's going to be BIG and you're going to be SO PROUD :D
    *bows to Queen Reductionista*

  3. LOL! I was REALLY impressed by your last one! You don't put it out in smaller batches like I do -- you even hoard the empties! :D

  4. Wow, you are doing so good! The only thing I'm close to finishing is a body gel (I use those up pretty quickly) and a powder foundation that has one edge that's close to hitting pan! :)

  5. Geez, Liz - you're powering through stuff! I got that Kerastase oil in a monthly box wotsit too and gave it to Lily as my hair is fine and I don't put products in it (fine as in thin, not fine as in "Damn, girl - that hair is fiiiiiiine!"). She loved it and now she wants the full size, but I'm not sure I'm ready to splash out that much moolah on a product for a 13 year old. Maybe part of her Christmas present...

  6. *CLAPS*

    Go Liz!

    Have you tried Garnier Curls & Shine Mousse? Out of all the curling products I've tried (and I've mostly only tried drugstore ones :p), I like this one the best :).

  7. Great job!!!! i have the same thing from herbal essence and my nozzle broke too!!! def faulty packaging!! i do the same, i hate crunch so sleep with it and it looks great in the morning!!!
    glad to hear you like the moisturizer, i have had my eye on it!

  8. Wow Liz you're doing really well with these empties! Way to go!

    I've finished a couple of shampoos: one from John Masters Organics and a Kerastase sample. They're alright. Nothing to sing praises about.

  9. i totally agree that skincare definitely is easy to finish up than makeup. although im pretty impressed with ur haircare as well haha i actually wanted to try the garnier and im glad to see that it worked for you :D

  10. You've used up loads! I'm completely with you on lash primers. They work wonders for some people but on me it's a waste of time and energy x

  11. You go girl! I've got another 10 empties this month - just gotta stop buying more than I use!!!

  12. How do you do it Liz?! I'm still working on my first empties post. Lol. I think I need to devote myself to my opened products a bit better. Most of my saved up empties have been skincare too, it sounds stupid, but I'd feel so accomplished if I ever fully use up a lipstick/eyeshadow/blush!

  13. @Magpie - Hey, at least you're finishing something! I love that feeling when you're close to the pan. :)

    @Dee - Oh, hell no. I don't know what it's like to be a parent these days but no way I'm giving that to my 13 year-old. Or so I say now. Get into college first, missy!

    @Gaby - Thanks, girl!

    @Dani - I feel like I've tried Garnier everything but can't remember that one. I'll scope it out, thanks! :D

    @Lilladylife - We should complain about that! It's a good mousse - I won't buy it again until it's fixed. If you have oily skin, the moisturizer is great!

    @Arianne - The Kerastase shampoo didn't change your life? ;) I think cheaper shampoos and high-end conditioners are the way to go!

    @Isabella - Leaving my hair curly makes me use up more stuff to try to tame the frizz. When I straighten, all I use is the MoroccanOil and that stuff does NOT dwindle.

    @Claire - Yay, love it when my empties hero comes to visit! :DDD Glad I'm not the only one dumping lash primers.

    @Vita - Can't wait to see your post! And I totally hear you.

    @Stacey - The first one is the hardest, Stacey - and then it gets easier as it goes along. I know, it must sound ludicrous to non-makeup lovers but finishing a makeup product is like a dream! lol

    @Tracy - Thanks, Tracy! :D

  14. You are so awesome! I don't know when my next empties post will ten years? ._.

  15. Naaaaaah! You guys give me too much credit. I'm sure the next one is around the corner!

  16. You just keep pumping them out! Is it just me, or are they coming fast now? I don't know how you do it, but carry on!! In my house, hair care products seem to dissolve into the atmosphere (that's what you get with a teenage daughter!), but skincare (mine) tends to linger a lot longer. As to makeup.....uh, yeah....none of my products are in a hurry to disappear anytime soon, although the other day, I noticed that I hit pan on a Laura Mercier concealer pot!! I couldn't believe it, lol! So thanks for giving the rest of us hoarders some hope, my friend! xox

  17. Nuts! My comment either didn't show up or I somehow responded to the wrong post. heh heh.
    Silly me.

    Writing in again to say: Congratulations!

  18. @Eugenia - Sometimes it's once a month and sometimes it's twice a month! I believe this is the second time for November... but I'm not keeping track of how often anymore. :) I think what's happened is that I went on a huge buying spree a little over a year ago which led to the creation of this blog -- and now everything's coming to the end of the lifecycle at the same time. My tactic to concentrate on half-finished bottles also worked wonders, instead of skipping from one full bottle to the next. I don't have a hope in hell of finishing actual makeup either, but I am trying!

    @Boo - Lol... thanks very much. :)

  19. Good job! I'm trying to use up my oldie products just lying around, bumping them up the "must finish" list since it's time to put them out of their misery :D

    I should be studying for my exams right now but I've been distracted looking at all these black friday/cyber monday deals and trying to walk away :( Makeup I don't need you! Especially you, you gorgeous lippies, I have 61 of your lipstick cousins and 28 of your lipgloss bros.

    Hi,I'm tabby and I need to go for Makeup addicts anonymous. :D

  20. Empties are fantastic!! I'm planing a low/no buy for the next year and I must say that your blog is a great inspiration!
    Keep up the good work!!

  21. Luckily I did all my buying before Black Friday hit. And it's not as big a deal in Canada as it is in the States, so I've been lucky!

    You're more than welcome to hang out here anytime. I don't post swatches often and try to induce guilty feelings about buying, lol. Good luck with all your goals - I just became your first blog follower! Hurray!

  22. The above comment was @tabby!

    @MrsCassizzlesSparkles - Woohoo! Glad to have you join in on the low-buying journey. ;) I know it doesn't seem like as much fun at first but we can find ways to make it fun!

  23. I love ready your empties posts, it's like success by proxy I think. And I know I too have things that predate marriage and births. I also can't bear to throw things away, even though I internally loathe them. I have the desire to toss, but I just can't bring myself to do it. So I end up using up all the worst products just to get rid of them. I mean I am even trying to salvage some blush that I killed a when I depotted a couple of weeks ago, I still have this lurid green color MAC eyeshadow that I simply have no idea what to do with. Yikes is all I can say.

  24. Haha, "success by proxy" is a good way of putting it! But soon the success will be ALLLLL yours, D!

    I'm learning to purge the unwanted without killing myself over it. I'm not sure which is harder: throwing away unused things or stopping myself from getting new goodies. :?

  25. Ahh, so many things to say! First, this statement: 'And that feeling of having to go out to get a replacement for the finished product? EVEN MORE AMAZING.' - ridiculous how true this is. OMG OMG OMG. I won't elaborate but let's just say - I getcha, girl!

    Also, it is SO tough to use up makeup as fast as we use skin/hair care, which is frustrating, but you're right - I've been falling in love again with some of my current shades and it's been kinda nice. Though...sorta itching to finish some crap up so I can buy new stuff!! LOL

    Lastly, I have to comment on your hilarious habit of referring to yourself as this cranky woman ('years of scowling and glaring') - I find this infinitely entertaining, but I have to call you out on the fact that you are not in the LEAST a scowling menace, and in fact are a very lovely person. And I know this firsthand. So there. :)

  26. Oh, hahahahaha! I AM a cranky old lady. For a while one of my nicknames at home was Crankenstein. I have no reason to be cranky with you though! <3

    Sometimes I think we're insane with these products and measuring our progress and so on. But I think I've always enjoyed that feeling of emptying out something. I threw out a white-out today at work and felt the same thing! And it's always been there. Also, looking at the extra space in the bathroom cabinet makes me feel better in the morning. Less stress!

  27. You are on such a good empties roll, thats a ton of products! Trust me once you start on the Kerastase train it's hard to get off :)

  28. The salon near my work that sells Kerastase is having a 20% off sale. I'm so tempted, I tell you!!!

  29. That Kérastase treatment sounds amazing. Would you really buy it though? I am just courious, as despite it seems amazing, the price is a bit ouch for a hair product.
    I am also interested in the Garnier moisturizer. Sadly, drugstore skincare lines are usually not good for my skin. Still sounds great.
    And that face primer story just made me laugh. Oh, memories! :D

  30. I would shell out for a product that works incredibly well and saves me the hassle of reaching for three other products. I think that's worth its weight in gold right there. :) It is painful but I've spent more on skincare and makeup that haven't been anywhere near as effective or truthful about their claims!

    That Garnier gel cream is a lifesaver. I'm going to philander away from it but I feel good knowing that it's out there and ever so affordable. :D


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