Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Beauty Blame Game

I've been following a handful of beautiful new blogs lately, and one of them is Messy Wands by the lovely Xiao. After reading her recent post about acquiring new Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments -- and by "reading" I mean staring at her gorgeous FOTD shots -- I decided to get myself the Passion lip treatment after trying to resist its allure, much like I did with the original, Rose, Plum and Honey versions in the past. (Don't worry, I'll get Passion after I pass the lippie ban!) Anyway, I had to give Xiao credit for enabling me and this conversation took place:

Did you see that? Scoreboard. "We need to start a scoreboard." YES. OCD-ridden bloggers, rejoice! One more thing to tally up and gab about! How often do you tell yourself no to a certain pretty item, then see a post about it on someone's blog, and suddenly you find yourself running to the nearest Sephora or department store? Sometimes it takes a slew of posts and tweets and messages and articles before you cave, but sometimes, you know in an instant that a particular person and her blog post is to blame. I can remember with startling clarity what some of those people and products are, even years after the event. Here are just a handful of them.

Beauty Editor + Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

I had found my holy grail foundation, Laura Mercier Oil Free, but was still in the market for a good primer. After reading some of her rave reviews, I knew that I had to try this out for myself. After sampling the product for a week or two, I splurged on a full size of this primer and my search for a holy grail primer finally came to an end.

The Culprit: Michelle at Beauty Editor
The Lemming-Stirring Post(s): This one, among a big list of others where she mentions the product.

Productrater! + Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush

Now that you know what a sucker for blush I am, this shouldn't surprise you one bit. What did surprise me was that a drugstore brand could have me foaming at the mouth. I had been trying to resist accruing more blushes but knowing that this was cute and affordable gave me just the right combination of excuses to go out and get one!

The Culprit: Justine at Productrater!
The Lemming-Stirring Post: Here.

naturalNchicmakeup + Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous Face Illuminator

I pretty much fell in love with this the second I saw it in person, but I was trying to get back on track with the reductionista business and being very strict. Then Kristie posted her review and the last wall of resistance crumbled like a biscotti dipped for too long in hot coffee. I ran to Holt Renfrew at the first opportunity and breathlessly asked whether it was sold out. The SA looked me like I was a crazy person and said it was brand new and just put up on display as part of the holiday collection. I resisted the mother of all eyerolls and managed to pay without a word about her ignorance. Why don't SAs know what we know?

The Culprit: Kristie at naturalNchicmakeup
The Lemming-Stirring Post: Here.

The Beauty Look Book + Chanel Coromandel

The Beauty Look Book. Oh, she's a bad one. Arguably, she has probably stirred more lemmings than almost anyone else in the beauty blogging community, but the girl has amazing taste and indulges in some high quality stuff that I usually only dream about. Then it got me thinking that I'm old enough to indulge in some Chanels and Diors more frequently and why don't I give up testing out drugstore duds and get on board with quality products myself? Well, that idea is still in the works for a variety of reasons. Anyway, one of the items that tend to come up over and over in Sabrina's posts is the Coromandel Le Vernis. I've always wanted Rouge Noir or Rouge Fatal, but something about Coromandel always draws me in and I got tired of looking at it from afar. A few weeks ago I did the dirty deed (confessional post coming up) and Coromandel is now mine!

The Culprit: Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book
The Lemming-Stirring Post(s): Here and here, among some others.

Ommorphia Beauty Bar + Chanel Rouge Carat

That Eugenia... she's a baddie, too, but one I love dearly! I was tempted enough by Chanel's holiday collection but managed to stay away until Eugenia featured Rouge Carat in late November. It has a more cool red/pink undertone and different enough from Dior Merveille that I decided another festive red for the season wouldn't be a bad thing. Then bad things happened at the Chanel counter. I'll talk about that in a separate post coming up. Eeeep!

The Culprit: Eugenia at Ommorphia Beauty Bar
The Lemming-Stirring Post: Here.

Ommorphia Beauty Bar + Mattifying Top Coat

Yup, Eugenia did it again. This one happened long before Rouge Carat, though. As you may know, one of my great beauty indulgences in the past year has been nail polish. But despite being a semi-lacquer fiend, I just could not get on board with some of the nail trends, such as the shatter and nail art. Another was the matte effect because I love nothing more than a perfectly manicured high-gloss finish. But Eugenia was fearlessly experimenting with the mattes and I started to find myself intrigued. Not 100% convinced but enough to get on the hunt for an affordable mattifying top coat. The cheapest one I could find was by GOSH at Shoppers Drug Mart for about $6 which is not bad. It works perfectly well and I didn't like it in conjunction with Dior Merveille, but I am now sufficiently inspired enough to try to come up with my own unique combinations!

The Culprit: Eugenia at Ommorphia Beauty Bar
The Lemming-Stirring Post: A few but mostly this one.

Makeup Kismet + Eye Heart It + Cake Milk Made Hand Creme

I'm starting to think that it's a bad combination when Larie and Ashley get together and whisper in my ear about how good something is. It's bad enough when one of them does it, because you know that these girls give some good reviews and their opinions can definitely be trusted, but when they both start to sing praises about a certain attainable product? Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala... okay, FINE! I will get it! I will go and get it, like, right now! So I caved to the allure of Milk Made (the name always makes me giggle a little) -- but I haven't even tried it yet. I just wanted it because of them. <3

The Culprits: Ashley at Makeup Kismet and Larie at Eye Heart It
The Lemming-Stirring Posts: This one plus a whole lot of tweets.

Makeup Magpie + MAC Immortal Gold

Magpie takes some of the most beautiful photos ever. The best is when she matches up beauty products to items from around her house or in the city and makes a correlation I never would have thought of. (If you're wondering why I don't call her by her real name, I know it but am not sure that she wants it advertised.) It was actually her post that initially got me rejecting Immortal Gold as a lesser comparison of Chanel Peridot or Butter London Wallis. But I guess her photos stuck with me and the difference that she showcased actually started to become alluring in my mind. Yes, blog posts simmer in my brain for weeks sometimes and suddenly I'll do the very opposite of what I said in the comments.

The Culprit: Makeup Magpie
The Lemming-Stirring Post: This one!


Needless to say, there's a lot more where that came from. I will continue to assign blame where I deem appropriate -- a new series has begun! The ones featured today were the first to come to my mind and I now place them before you to be judged as terrible enablers and terrific ladies to gab about makeup with. If you're not familiar with their blogs, don't say that I didn't warn you. Enabling will happen.

Who are some of your enablers? Are you influenced by blogs when making your purchasing choices? Have I enabled you in the past? Let's all play the blame game!


  1. lol ya the hard candy blushes were crazy to get when they first came out, I was looking everywhere. :)

  2. Hahaha I love this! It's hilarious! I should play, too. I think The Beauty Look Book does win, though, hands down.

    And you should indulge in the high end brands and give up the search for the drugstore dupes. *enables*

  3. I blame you for introducing me to these blogs. Up until now, I was happy just having three or four beauty blogs that I frequent. NOW I WILL BE IN TROUBLE AND IT IS YOUR FAULT.

    The Fresh Passion Sugar Lip Treatment is GORGEOUS. I bought it in Buffalo because I am not on a lippie ban, though I probably should be.

  4. I love this because not only is it hilarious, but you've just exposed me to blogs I have never visited before! Damn youuuuuu

  5. Let the blaming games begin! Lol! I too began by blaming YOU when I posted my blush review, then again with my eyeliner review, my upcoming Rose Rendezvous review....see the pattern emerging? I guess the that YOU are one of my key enablers!! That Sabrina has created tons of lemmings with me (hello...Spring 2012 Chanel collection anyone?) and I have a funny feeling that this ingenious category you've begin, should actually be a feature amongst us all! What do you say, fellow beauty blame game sister?!
    PS: thanks for the shout-out! xox

  6. I should blame Beauty Editor for some impulsive purchases myself, Cover FX primer and MUFE HD powder, that I regretted after that Nicole Kidman scandal... Back to Sephora it went!

  7. Hehe, this is a good game. I look forward to more 'blaming' :)

  8. Well.. I think we've evened out the score since I picked up the Hourglass primer last week ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!!

  9. HAHAHAHA you are hilarious! I agree about Eugenia-she's making me want all kinds of polish that never appealed to me before!

  10. Oh Liz, caving to a beautiful can never be a crime can it? Although it can be a terrible thing if you resisted it only to regret it later.

    Actually I have been super good this year. I have a plan to get that inventory under control and have been really good at not spending, I'm almost bordering thrifty. Which is really good for me. So no blame to dole out my friend, I think of photos as mostly gallery art work, nice to take in but it doesn't mean I need to go out and buy it. I've actually convinced myself of this.

  11. lol! all blogs enable me >____< course it doesn't take much ^^" i neverr would have gotten red blush if it wasnt for you!!! hahaha

  12. What a fun read, I loved this! I'd say all Lipstick Bandits are really bad enablers... I got those Sugar Lip Treatments because of them too!

  13. hahahah I love this post! I blame every single blog I'm subscribed too, and that's a lot >.< Scrangie is definitely the worst as far as nail polish is concerned...all she has to do is put up one picture, and I'm sold. I don't even understand how she makes everything look so good! It defies logic, Liz!

    Looking forward to future blame posts :P

  14. OMG - I'm thinking back over the past year and I'm guilty of buying under the influence of lemmings too. Fun, but expensive!

  15. Butter London Wallis
    The Culprit: YOU!!
    Haha I love this! I think a lot of us bloggers have our fair share of 'blame'. The Beauty Look Book & From Head to Toe are my biggest enablers!

  16. LOVE this post! So fun, and there is plenty of blame to go around....mostly on twitter!! -__-
    Rose Rendezvous is gorgeous! It's been my go-to since purchasing. Immortal Gold looks great!

  17. Haha, did this come to you after we chatted about how you TOTALLY enabled me with my purchase of Sin?? :P Without a doubt, the blogging world has introduced me to a slew of products I'd never even know about and now absolutely MUST OWN. It's can be trouble, but for the most part I love it because, well...I love beauty! But also because I trust you ladies and your judgements and it has led me to some ridiculously amazing finds! So bring it on, enablers! Keep it coming :)

  18. This is such a cute idea for a blog post..I blame you for making me feel inadequate b/c I never remember who to blame ;)

  19. @Justine - I didn't care during the craze but seriously something about your post set me off. :)

    @Larie - Yes, play! Thanks for the enabling. I didn't really need the push but... OKAY! *enabled*

    @Denise - You're always enabling me with your perfect photos and nice things! And if I gain 20 extra pounds because of your midnight food photos, it's your fault! Ha, I need to make some orders the next time you go to the States!

    @Soha - You're welcome! ;) Welcome to my world of PAIN.

    @Eugenia - Isn't it fun to point fingers? Go for it and make a post, I say! I think we're going to cause a vortex of lemmings that could combust the blogosphere. LOL

    @Nicky - Yeah, she's prone to changing her mind like the rest of us - and I guess as someone who has to keep up with the trends, it happens more frequently than not! I've learned to take her advice with a grain of salt!

    @Dovey - Oh yes, there is much more blaming to be done! Stay tuned. :)

    @Ashley - I saw that! From what I've heard, your skin doesn't need it. But you may end up thanking me!

    @Tracy - RIGHT??? I think I could go on blaming her all day long!

    @D - If it's a crime, I don't want to be right, lol. I'm so proud of you! I feel that I've been pretty good in some areas (skincare) but so bad in others (e.g. the blush scandal). Maybe you're becoming better to pick up some of my reductionista slack!

    @Isabella - True! Wait, what red blush did you get???

    @Monika - Ohhhh yeah. Those girls are BAD BAD BAD. I've been on the lippie ban and haven't succumbed to their influence yet, but I think there are Dior lipsticks in my future and that's primarily Larie's fault. Arianne and Rae caused some bad lemmings too.

    @MMorsels - Logic has no place in this! It's a vortex of madness! I don't read Scrangie but I get the feeling I should stay away, hahaha!

    @Vita - I'd love to see a post! ;) And... let's not think about the math. Nope!

    @Stacey - You're welcome! ;) I don't know From Head to Toe but I shouldn't look... *googling* O_O

    @Danielle - I hear you are one of the worst enablers ever! ;) I actually haven't touched my Rose Rendezvous all that much but I need to give it some more love!

    @Toya - This has been simmering for a while and you know how proud I am of having caused Sin, LOL! You know, you almost got me with the glow-in-the-dark MUFE stuff but I was avoiding the malls at that time and didn't look. Ahhhhhh, the merry go round keeps turning!

  20. @Tracy D - Awwww... it's because YOU ARE SO NICE! I like revenge, paybacks, vengeance and all that. >:D

  21. I'm so proud to be included in this post! And thank you for the kind words! :):) This sort of thing happens to me all the time when I read other bloggers' posts -- especially so when I first discovered beauty blogs a few years ago. I like to think that I've gained some willpower since then, but I still succumb to temptation on a regular basis!

  22. OMG, I ran across this post quite by mistake and I love it. I'm actually in the middle of writing a post totally blaming you for the recent uptick (small) in the number of blushes that I own!


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