Monday, December 19, 2011

Geez, what isn't in my suitcase: Part 1

(To get caught up on where I'm going and why, check out this post.) 

Being a person of extremes, my tendency is to either overpack or underpack for trips. It's really difficult to find the middle ground. The good thing is I'm well stocked on samples and travel size goodies. The bad part is that I have too many to choose from! I want to take them all! Isn't that what I've been hoarding these little bottles for all along?!?

But alas, only a few select items can come with me. The rest must continue to languish in my cabinet of travel size and backup items -- why, yes, such a cabinet exists -- and wait for the day I either join a gym or take trips more frequently.

Anyhow, it took several attempts before I got things organized somewhat reasonably. In the end, the things I'm taking are more stuff I want to get rid of rather than stuff I love. The plan is to return to Toronto with as light a bag as possible. (Or bag stuffed with new goodies. God, I'm hopeless.) Here's what made the cut.

Cleanser and Toner - Things I've tried before and know are dependable.

Clarisonic Mia - See my last post. Where I go, it goes. Between this and the netbook, this won.

Treatments and Moisturizers - The AHA Concentrate is like gold. I'm bubble-wrapping it separately.

Bath Stuff - Some gifts from last year -- I don't know this brand at all. I'm only taking it for the hotel stay in Boracay. I won't need bath products while staying with my sister or friends, but trust me: my sister will not have travel size items for us to take.

Shampoo and Conditioner - Same reason as above.

Facial Sunscreen and Surf Spray for Hair - Two things I'm extremely fond of and actually look forward to using. They enhance that summery feeling feeling even more.

Makeup Removers - I usually wouldn't bother with separate eye makeup removers, but I plan on wearing a lot more eye makeup on New Year's Eve. I suppose Friend J has removers I can borrow but never can be too sure.

Wet wipes for... everywhere.

Sunscreen for body - This Aveeno is almost empty from almost daily use over the summer and I hate to see it lying around for no reason. I'm determined to showcase this in the next empties post! As for the Hawaiian Tropic, I found it on clearance for $2! So I bought two: one for the trip, one for the summer.

And some last minute additions. (See what I mean?)

I don't think that I can live without the Purity cleanser.

And this is just in case the DDF moisturizer above is too mattifying. 

Note: This is a scheduled post but I'm still packing. Ahhhh! Items taken out are indicated by the strike out.

Okay, that's it for skin and body stuff! Part 2 (the makeup) will go up in a few days as a scheduled post. I probably won't respond to comments or emails until I get back, but I imagine that there'll be chunks of internet time here and there. And if anything, I'll be popping up on Twitter to say hi, post pics, blab about what terrific food I'm eating or how amazing the sites are. I'll miss chatting with you all and want to wish you in advance a very happy holiday season with all the people and things you love best. Talk to you in 2012, my beauties!


  1. I'm going through the same packing ordeal right now; I think I've got skincsre stuff figured out, but what about make-up?!

  2. Have a safe, fun trip! I will miss your posts greatly. :(

    Good call on baby wipes. You should probably bring some anti-bacterial ones, too. Or like, Purell. You never know what kind of mess you'll be in!

  3. I miss you already, safe travels and a very Merry Christmas Liz!

  4. Happy Holidays, and have a fantastic trip!

    Baby wipes are definitely a good idea. The one thing I always forget when I travel.

  5. Happy Holidays!!
    Have a great trip and loads of fun! I'll miss you!! Hope I catch you on twitter and enjoy the HP books!

  6. Have a wonderful trip. I hope you haven't packed too much because half the fun is discovering and buying new products on holiday - for me anyway!!!

  7. I was using my Fairy Drops mascara and thought of you. You said that I almost convinced you to give it ago. Well -- STOP! Strike that thought. Don't get it! It's too wet and messy. I may have to get a mascara wand just so I won't get mascara on my eyeshadow *every* *single* *time*. I'm hoping that if I let it sit for a couple of weeks, the formula will dry out enough for it to be useable. :(

  8. Waaaah, gonna miss you Liz!! But I hope you have an amazing trip and hopefully we'll get another visit in (with a few others...?!) in 2012!! Happy Holidays!!!

  9. lol! can't believe ur mia beat out ur netbook!! lolz super excited for whats in your travel makeup post ^^ hope you had a safe flight & ar ehaving fun :)

  10. Ooooohhh, I still have to get that BB Surf Spray. I just picked up the Tonic and I heart it Liz, I heart it a lot.

  11. @Monika - I thought that packing would be fun but I had SUCH a difficult time with it this time around! If you're not going somewhere ultra secluded, LESS IS ALWAYS MORE! I'm not using half the stuff I lugged!

    @Denise - I briefly scan blog posts but don't have time to comment! Jealous of your Daphne Guinness ombre blushes! Wet wipes are lifesavers in hot weather places. I didn't bring my own Purell but the airports and all the stores here are full of them!

    @Tracy D - I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

    @MMorsels - I always take wet wipes on trips, even if I go an hour outside the city, lol. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    @Tracy - I really miss chatting with you! The HP books will have to wait until I get home but I promise to get on them this year!

    @Vita - I'm on a limited budget for buying things but managed to get in some shopping today. ;) will do a post later!

    @Larie - Thank you!

    @Boo - Okay, duly noted -- no Fairydrops for me! I won't be buying mascaras this year at all, I think. :)

    @Toya - We'll definitely work toward a big happy trip in 2012! Happy holidays to you, dear Toya!

    @Isabella - I FORGOT THE MIA AT HOME! Kicked myself repeatedly at the airport and now my face is very unhappy with me. :( The flights were not so fun but I am indeed very safe and having A LOT of fun! :)

    @D - You'll have to tell me all about the Tonic; I don't know what it is! Let me tell you, though: the Surf Spray works MAGIC on the beach. MAGIC.


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