Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Geez, what isn't in my suitcase: Part 2

Scheduled Post: I'm away on vacation until January 4! See here for details.

Don't be jealous for I'm not on a beach yet. At this point, I'm probably half-dead from nearly two days of living in planes and airports. But soon, my dears, soon...!

Packing makeup is trickier than packing skincare, because I'm moving from Canadian winter (currently around 0 degrees celcius on average which is considered mild for this time of year) to a location much closer to the equator with high humidity and temperatures close to 40 degrees celcius. The heat is fine and I'm actually looking forward to it. The problem is I don't know what colour my face will be three days from today. I tan relatively quickly and currently am NC 25. It's hard to pick a foundation to take with me when I don't know how dark I'm going to get. If the three days in Boracay goes as I plan, I'll be NC 40 by the time we're done.

Finally I just decided to take whatever was at hand and deal with hypothetical issues later when they become reality. Here's what I'm taking (as of December 17 when I'm drafting this -- hopefully I won't repack again):

Face Makeup

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude - I just really like the idea of using this on the flight. You know, when you don't want to look like total crap but don't want to look done up.

MakeupForever Duo Mat Powder Foundation - I swear, I am going to just throw this away at the airport if I don't finish it by the end. One and a half years. It's a good powder but not the best. I am ready to move on!

Fusion Beauty GlowFusion Micro-Tech Intuitive Active Bronzer in "Golden" - Reviewed here. My favourite bronzer. It'll set all the too-pale makeup to right.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - Decanted into a tiny plastic sample jar from Sephora. I'll only use it for special occasions when I'm meeting up with people for dinners and parties and going out on the town.

L'Oreal Visible Lift Smooth Absolute Instant Anti-Aging Makeup - I picked this up when Rexall slashed the price to $10 which is almost half price. It was the attached brush that I actually wanted as well as the fact that 170 Natural Beige is slightly darker than my current skin tone.

And ignore the two concealers in the pic above. I've changed my mind yet again. I'm taking Benefit Boi-ing in "Medium" since it's the heavy duty concealer that will withstand humidity and heat much better than the MUFE HD Invisible Cover.

Eye Makeup

I'm only taking things that don't require brushes. That means cream eye shadows in abundance! I love cream eye shadows. The Revlon palette isn't the greatest in quality but I have like five of them and they need to get some usage. And that's what the mini Urban Decay Primer Potion is for. As for the new L'Oreal Infallible shadow that totally doesn't need a brush? New Year's, baby. I'm going to lay it on thick and people will see my eyelids glow across whatever room we're in. I'm also going to wear falsies and pile on Clinique Lash Power Mascara. For low maintenance days, the sample size of Benefit's R.S.V.P. will suit wonderfully. And I'm not sure that I'm going to wear it in the end but felt like I should take at least one eyeliner. It's MAC Rosemary & Thyme from the To The Beach collection. Then for brows I'm taking the MUFE Pencil in Dark Taupe 4.


I had a thought that if I took only one lippie on this trip, I'd have no choice but to wear only that and really wear it down. Possibly even finish one of the blasted five on the "lippies to finish" list. But knowing me, if I went with only one or two, I'd end up buying ten more during the trip to compensate. So I have to have variety. It's a mix of my go-to neutrals plus some bright, punchy summer shades.

  • MAC Paint Pot in Coral Crepe
  • Joe Fresh Cheek Tint in Peach
  • MAC Cream Colour Base in Seaside
  • NARS Lip Gloss in Wonder
  • Lise Watier Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss in Mango Punch
  • Tarte 24/7 in Wednesday
  • Sephora Lip Gloss in Bronzed Beauty
  • Clinique Sheer Shaper for Lips in 02 Blushy
  • NARS Lip Gloss in Dolce Vita
And C.O. Bigelow Rosebud Salve as the only lip balm. I really want to make a dent in that one and go back to my Smith's Rosebud.


Not sure if I'm going to end up taking all of them, but you can see what the palette is all about. One neutral for every day wear, an orange and pink for that summery goodness, a bright blue to reflect the waters I'll be staring at and a blingy one for New Year's. My regular base coat and top coat are must-haves.

Sally Hansen "Blue Me Away" and Essie "Sand Tropez"

Lippmann "Lara's Theme" and NARS "Schiap"

Chanel "Graphite"

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and Sally Hansen 4-in-1 which I use as base coat

And the world's smallest nail file + polish remover:


I'm really going minimal here and taking only two. My favourite perfume all summer was Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic EDT and I just refilled the Sephora atomizer with it. It's got just the right mix of fruity citrus and basil. For a change, I'm also taking Clean Provence. I'm not a big fan of the Clean fragrances but Provence is my favourite of the original lot.

Looking this over, I could afford to pare down a lot more but that'd be taking all the fun out of it. Do you take more or less when you go on a 3-week vacay? See, I'd take less if I were staying in one location only, but I'm moving around from place to place like a nomad and each setting is completely different from another. Bah, now I think that I should take some of this out and leave more space for new stuff. I'm just going to publish this now in case I change my mind yet again!

Edit: I did change my mind. You'll see that certain items have been struck out. As of Sunday night, I'm still packing. God.


  1. lot of stuff but well a girl need that happy vacation

  2. I never take polish with me because I'm too lazy ._. I usually just slap on a coat of my hardiest polish and call that good. Ah, well.

    And every time you write about the Guerlain fragrance, I want it all over again. Damn it, Liz.

  3. I'm like Larie, I don't take polish with me. I put on a clear coat for travelling.
    Nice picks though! I remember it being really hard to decide what to take to Europe with me. I tried to take mostly long wearing stuff because I knew I;d be out all day.
    I hope that theBalm powder gets used up! :)

  4. Waaaaah Liz I miss you already. I like your supplies. There are some good choices in there. I love that nail polishes are covered, you need to get one of those twist top locks for your remover, it's so much better that way.

    I'm curious about the Guerlain perfume. I was supposed to get a sample with my recent Sephora order, but they ran out and that really cheesed me, really cheesed me!!!!

  5. I'm sure you're going to have a fantastic time, Liz - just wish I was there too! I must admit I was surprised by the Revlon eye palette in your vacay stash. I've got one and I'm ready to toss it out because it always creases so badly on me, even with primer. I shudder to think how yours will perform in 90% humidity!!!

  6. Praying you don't tan too much so that the foundation you brought no longer matches & you have to buy even more new stuff!

  7. heh <3 these kind of posts :D hows the visible lift?? i was debating getting that foundation for my mother since she refuses to use foundation with a separate brush or fingers so an attached brush solves both problems ^^ what makeup bag did you put it in? i'm taking a trip in january and will definitely do a similar post except it will be the opposite since i'm going to colder weather which should be easier ^^ i hopee your having a blast on that beach :D

  8. @beauty combat - I didn't end up packing a lot of the stuff I listed but I STILL brought too much stuff! Gah!

    @Larie - I shouldn't have brought any nail polish except for Graphite... and maybe not even that. We ended up getting a pedicure on the beach in Boracay. :S And you should take a sniff of the Guerlain! It's lovely!

    @Tracy - The MUFE powder isn't getting much love but I'm determined to finish it up! The heat here makes it difficult to put on a lot of makeup -- as well as the casual atmosphere of the Philippines in general -- but I'll be slapping some more on my face at Singapore, I think.

    @D - I'm still around, though internet time is limited! Wrote your postcard today. :) I didn't end up bringing the nail polish remover because I had way too many little bottles packed, and you have to try for the Guerlain again! It lifts my mood instantaneously!

    @Vita - I'm thinking that my next big vacay might be Australia! I agree that the Revlon palettes suck big time but I have a ton of them and wanted to bring stuff that I won't cry about if they get lost or damaged. ;) And I haven't touched them yet, to be honest.

    @Ashley - Hmmm... your reverse psychology prayer isn't in full effect yet. I'm not any more tanned than I was this past summer but we're off to some sort of resort tomorrow so here's hoping!

    @Isabella - The Visible Lift is NOT for the oily skin. But otherwise I really like it! Great coverage, very natural looking, and it should be "glowy" for the dry-skin types. I really like the brush too and there's a tonne of product in the bottle -- I'll never finish it! I didn't bring a real makeup bag since everything had to go in clear plastic baggies. Where are you going in January? Excited for you!


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