Friday, December 23, 2011

Geez, what isn't in my suitcase: Part 3

Scheduled Post: I'm away on vacation until January 4! See here for details.

Okay, so today I should be in Boracay with my sister. This is Boracay:

(Oh yeah. I'm feeling it. COME AND GET ME, UV RAYS.)

Today I'm deviating from the subject of beauty and want to show you my reading list for the long plane rides. It's been forever since I've had time to read for leisure and even now I should be reading ahead for the winter semester. Still, I'm on vacation. It's time to relax and enjoy the fluff, right?

To be honest, I was too busy (lazy) to research Singapore and don't know very much about it. Time to play catch-up!

I've seen/heard of this a lot and ignored it as fluff reading. (Oh, the irony, being a beauty blogger.) But suddenly now that I'm in vacation mode, I don't have to resent reading about someone else's journey to happiness.

This isn't actually for me but I might read it on the plane if I get bored. My boss is an avid reader and always wants to discuss contemporary novels with me. Unfortunately because of school, I'm usually stuck in the medieval, 1800s, Victorian or modern and am not familiar with contemporary novels. There's something wrong with that and I want to correct it. (As a sidenote, I really want to know what we're going to call the post-post-modern era.)

So... I never read the Harry Potter series. If I watch the movie first, I can never read the books. That's what happened with the first Harry Potter movie/book. My best friend at the time was a huge fan of the books and dragged me to watch the first movie. I couldn't get into the books after that because the details felt repetitive. It's been a long time since and Harry Potter is now a touchstone for many pop culture references. I've given myself the task of catching up on the series over the break, though it's likely that I'll finish only the first book if I'm lucky, given all the other books competing for my attention. Still, I don't want to get kicked out of the Awesome Sisters Club with Eugenia, Tracy and Larie, so I'll do my best to read the whole thing soon!

I read this more than once over ten years ago, but it's one of those landmark works that keep showing up in different courses and now I have to read it again for my modern literature course. I'm debating whether to even take it on the trip or not. Right now I'm leaning toward... not.

Usually I'd also take a stack of magazines with me, but I haven't been in a magazine mood lately. However, that may change when I get to the airport.

What's on your reading list lately? What kind of books are you drawn to?


  1. Ahhhh, that first picture looks divine!! Make sure you got a drink in hand too!
    Great picks! And, we'd never kick you out of the Awesome Sister Club. :)
    Because you ARE Awesome!
    Hope you are having an awesome time!

  2. I haven't read much lately, but I'm excited about getting a Kindle for Christmas! I read pretty much anything, and usually read pretty often. I also like to have a few books going at once, in case one hits a boring spot :P

  3. Hope you're having the time of your life..that looks beautiful! And nothing wrong with a little 'fluff' reading Liz ;)

  4. *coughs* I've um... never read the Harry Potter series either. My brother bought me the first book but I don't remember reading it. I still have it though, that counts for something right??

  5. Hi! :) I am a regular reader of your blog. Singapore is currently having a "rainy day crisis" due to the monsoon season. Probably it'll be better if you head down during the sunnier months, you'll enjoy it more.

  6. Gah!! As I'm scrolling down reading this post, I had comments about almost every single book so I had to comment!! In order: 1) The Happiness Project is actually a great read, though very enthusiastic, which you may find annoying. Coincidentally, its totally something I can see myself writing haha :P 2) I really want to read The Sentimentalists, so I'll be interested to hear your take on it!! 3) Harry goodness, I hope you read this series!! I am also a huge convert, they're absolutely the best. Actually, my bf got me the 1st book for Christmas as I had them all except that one. I've been dying to re-read and already I've finished 1st and 2nd over the past, oh, 24 hours. LOL!! So yea, get on that :)

    Hope you're having a great trip!

  7. @Tracy - Oh man, you would not believe how amazing the beach looks for real. And there's always 2-for-1 drinks every single night! I can't wait to catch up with the Awesome Sisters when I get back! Hope you had a great Christmas!!!

    @Larie - I really realized the efficiency of an e-reader once I got to the airport. I'll have to get one before the next trip! I'm only about halfway through the Happiness one and am glad I didn't lug more on the trip. Tell me what you're reading now, I want to know!

    @Tracy D - I know. :) It's just difficult to lose myself in "fun" books when I have a stack of other stuff that need to be read. I'm having a great time and looking forward to catching up with everyone when I get back! xoxo

    @Ashley - Now I don't feel so weird! I was starting to think I was the only non-HP lingual person around. New year's resolution? lol

    @Anonymous - The non-refundable flights are already booked and we have plans to be there starting from the 31st! Thanks for the warning though! I'll have to pick up some sturdy umbrellas and rainproof clothing. :D

    @Toya - I'm halfway through The Happiness Project and not annoyed at all! But I've been very laid back throughout this entire vacay and not much like my usual self. ;) I think I'm going to give away The Sentimentalist before I have time to read it but that's still to be determined. As for HP, I've promised to catch up on the series this year so we can have a big HP gab-fest when I'm done, hahaha!

  8. Ashamedly I am not an avid reader as an adult. But I want that to change. Your selections look interesting, like a good balance of different genres. I think that's going on my list of things in 2012, getting back to literature.

  9. awww i look forward to when you finish harry potter series :D i read through every book in one day except the last few which took 2 days. i'm a pretty avid reader but i tend to like light fluff xD i'll prolly check out the ones you mentioned cuz i'm always on the hunt for good recs :)

  10. @D - I know what you mean. There's so many things demanding our attention and we're lucky to sit for a few hours with a good book. And often I think we feel like the few hours can be spent doing other stuff. Good luck and I hope you find a good read to get you restarted!

    @Isabella - You can join Larie, Tracy and Eugenia in the Liz-finishing-HP anticipation! Oh, the conversations we will have! It was a good thing I didn't end up taking it as there was no time to read during the vacay, but I look forward to finishing the series!


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