Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Purchases

Without further ado, my three legitimized purchases for the month of February, as outlined in my Limited Buy Plan for 2012:

1. Oceane eau de toilette by Outremer (mentioned in the recent "Water and Sand" post)

2. L'Occitane 10% Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub (received 15% off as well as a sample of the famous hand cream*)

3. Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream (Full review to follow.)

Purchases that do not count:

KeratinPerfect PerfectLight Deluxe 1.5-Inch Infrared Smoothing Iron (reviewed)

LuckyScent perfume samples (hopefully to be reviewed)

By Terry Foundation Brush (found for a steal at Winners -- but now I wish I had held out for a more dense brush with shorter bristles)

L'Occitane Hand Cream shown above (*promotion sample)


I struggled mostly with the temptation to pick up Chanel June while waiting around for Lippmann's Mermaid Dreams. In the end, I had to pick and choose between my fluctuating desires and deemed that June's unique apricot shade, while very pretty in the bottle, was not very flattering on my skin tone. And obviously, there are plenty of loop holes to exploit in this "limited buy" plan for the year. I have a lot of room for more styling tools, makeup brushes and perfumes. But since those three categories are of things that I need to be further educated on, I think it's okay to add a few more to my current collections.

I imagine that I'll definitely be purchasing less in March, though, with the Australia trip coming up in April. Despite March being birthday month, I have not given myself an exemption and the 3/month + lippie/shadow/liner ban still hold. What this limited buy is teaching me is that I still have an awful of products to wade through (& enjoy!) and it really does pay to be more picky with the products I choose to purchase.

For some more inspirational words, see how my other "ban buddies" are doing!

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Tracy @ Beauty Reflections (keeping strong to an indefinite blush ban)
Dani @ call it beauty (who decided to go on a spending ban recently)
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Ashley @ Make Up Kismet (enjoying her beautiful shadow palettes while on a limited buy)
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inventory #10.1: Nail Polish (updated Aug 2012)

This is a long one, people. Grab a drink and get comfortable! For reference, here's last year's inventory at 85-90 bottles. I more than doubled that, then reduced slightly, and now want to reduce a bit more.

Obviously I got carried away with collecting nail polish last year. At one point I had a limit of 3 per month, but that got done away with when so many great shades and collections came out. I weep when I remember the simple collection that consisted of a vampy Sally Hansen, an Essie nude, a moody OPI and Chanel Blue Satin. A part of me longs for that simplicity while another part of me greedily wants to keep hoarding more nail polish.

As you peruse the list, you'll see that there are some items crossed out. That means that I've given them away to family and friends. There are more that I need to weed out, but I don't want to do that if it means I'll just be hauling home more similar shades in the future. Maybe I should just keep them as a reference/reminder to not get so carried away??? Decisions, decisions. In any case, here we go!

a-England (reviewed)
Morgan Le Fay

Anna Sui
#100 (shown)
#107 (reviewed)

I went to Sears and checked the numbers of these bottles against the ones at the Anna Sui counter and they match! It's just that the bottles look different. The dress-shape bottles are available in Asia.

Look, they're friends already!

Bourjois Paris Very Vernis
Bleu Asphalt (limited edition) (reviewed)
Rose Lounge

Lady Muck (untried)
Marrow (shown)
Pearly Queen (reviewed)
Wallis (reviewed)
Yummy Mummy

April (limited edition) (reviewed)
Black Pearl (reviewed)
Blue Boy (untried)
Blue Rebel (untried)
Blue Satin
Coromandel (shown; untried)
Coco Blue (reviewed)
Graphite (limited edition) (reviewed)
Holiday (limited edition)
Miami Peach (reviewed)
Paradoxal (shown)
Peridot (limited edition) (reviewed)
Pulsion (limited edition) (reviewed)
Quartz (untried)
Riva (limited edition) (shown)
Rouge Carat (limited edition) (shown; untried)
Rouge Noir (untried)

China Glaze
Custom Kicks (untried)
For Audrey (reviewed)
Midtown Magic
Pelican Gray (untried)
Recycle (reviewed)
Trendsetter (untried)
Watermelon Rind
Westside Warrior (untried)

Always one forgotten!

ck Calvin Klein (discontinued)
Barefoot (shown)
Sheer Sparkle

Color Club
Mrs. Robinson (reviewed)

Deborah Lippmann
Across the Universe (reviewed)
Bad Romance (reviewed)
Brown Eyed Girl (reviewed)
Girls Just Want to Have Fun (reviewed)
Happy Birthday (reviewed)
I Know What Boys Like
I Love The Nightlife (shown)
Lady Sings the Blues (reviewed)
Lara's Theme (reviewed)
Mermaid’s Dream (reviewed)
Shake Your Groove Thing (shown; untried)
Stairway to Heaven
Superstar (reviewed)
Wicked Game (reviewed)

Apparat (limited edition) (reviewed)
Blue Label (reviewed)
Camel (limited edition) (reviewed)
Exquis (limited edition) (reviewed)
Gris Montaigne (reviewed)
Merveille (limited edition) (reviewed)
New World Purple
Nirvana (reviewed)
Orchid (limited edition)
Poison (limited edition) (untried)
Red Dhalia
Rock Coat (limited edition) (reviewed)
St. Tropez (limited edition) (shown)
Tuxedo (limited edition) (untried)
Underground (limited edition) (reviewed)

Absolutely Shore (duplicate)
Absolutely Shore (reviewed)
Aruba Blue (untried)
Bangle Jangles (mini) (reviewed)
Bobbing for Baubles (mini) (reviewed)
Borrowed & Blue (shown)
Carry On
Cocktail Bling (mini) (reviewed)
Da Bush (reviewed)
e-nuf is e-nuf (shown)
Fair Game (untried)
Geranium??? (unlabelled and on loan with sis)
Great Expectations (untried)
Masquerade Belle (reviewed)
Mint Candy Apple (shown)
Mojito Madness (shown)
Over the Top
Pinkadelic (untried)
Sand Tropez (reviewed)
Sandy Beach
Sew Psyched
Size Matters (mini) (reviewed)
Smokin' Hot (reviewed)
Smooth Sailing (untried)
Trophy Wife
Very Structured (reviewed)
Wicked (shown)

Wild Lilac (reviewed)

Um, I wish I hadn't given that away. :-/


Thank you, Carrie! XOXO

L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer
Black (untried)
White (untried)

In case I ever want to dabble in nail art...which I never do.

Lise Watier
Festive Chic (limited edition)
Fun in the Sun (limited edition) (reviewed)
Ȋle Déserte (reviewed)

Lise Watier recently released a line of permanent shades with redesigned bottles. I must say that they don't look anywhere near as appealing as these limited edition shades. They're also way overpriced at $20 a pop.

L'Oreal (discontinued/re-released)
Blue Laguna
Desert Dawn

L'Oreal has re-released a new series of nail polish and any older bottles are probably now either in the clearance bins or on e-retailers only. I must say that the new L'Oreal shades look great and the shade range reminds me a lot of Essie.

MAC (limited edition/discontinued/re-released)
Dark Angel
Hyperion (shown)
Immortal Gold (shown)
In the Buff (reviewed)
Light Affair
Ming Blue
Mischievous Mint
Rain of Flowers (untried)
Soiree (reviewed)

MAC no longer carries a permanent nail polish line and only produces limited shades. I'm sure that some of these colours will be re-released in the future.

Yep, they're being re-released!

Maybelline Forever Strong
Natural Beauty
Robust Red

It's You!
High Waist Hue
Moody Models (reviewed)
Office Polish-Tics
Pay Days are Happy Days
Working Hard or Hardly Working

Nails Inc.
Baker Street
Hampstead Gardens

Kismet (limited edition) (untried)
Schiap (limited edition)

I'm done with NARS nail polish. Not so special despite their oh-so-special LEs and pricing.

Nicole by OPI
It's Possible 
Kiss Me At Midnight

NYX Nails
Mango Cafe (reviewed)

Bryant Park
East Village

A-Taupe the Space Needle (shown)
Absolutely Alice (reviewed)
Ali's Big Break (reviewed)
Big Apple Red
Big Hair...Big Nails
Black Cherry Chutney
Black Shatter (reviewed)
Bronzed To Perfection
Chapel of Love
Chocolate Moose
Cuckoo For This Color
Dusk Over Cairo
Green-wich Village (untried)
Jade is the New Black (untried)
Louvre Me Louvre Me Not (untried)
Meet Me on the Star Ferry (untried)
No Room for the Blues (untried)
San Tan-tonio (shown)
Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees
You Don't Know Jacques (shown)

Sorry, but I can't keep up with OPI. I think their shade names are unbearably stupid and it's impossible to tell what's LE and what's permanent. WHATEVER.


Rescue Beauty Lounge
Piu Mosso (shown)

Thanks, Carrie! XOXO

Sheer Cotton
Totally Toffee

Whimsical (untried)*

The old formulas were so awful that I got rid of all of them and swore never to buy Revlon again. Well, now they've revamped their collection with a bunch of new lines and fabulous dupes of designer shades. But I think I'll just stay away and grow the current collections, not start another.

*Received as gift

Rimmel 60 Seconds
Grey Matter (shown)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro
Steel Grey (reviewed)
Stiletto Red

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
Evening Fog
Lavender Cloud (reviewed)
Mousseline (shown)
Pink Slip (untried)
Sequin Scandal (limited edition) (reviewed)
Touch of Mink
Wet Clay

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear
Almond Crunch
Black Out (shown)
Blue Me Away (somewhere in the Philippines...)
Celeb City (shown)
Emerald City (untried)
Grey Area
Mint Sorbet (untried)
Red Carpet (untried)
Strobe Light (untried)

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry
Bronze Ablaze
Racey Rouge
Uptempo Plum
(duplicate - silly me, I bought it twice)

Uptempo Plum
Whirlwind White

Sally Hansen New Lengths
Golden Girl

Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Nail Colour (discontinued)
Night Blooms (shown)

My oldest nail polish. Going on 14 years and still good as new. (I close the lid super tightly.)

Sally Hansen Salon (discontinued)
Mangoes Loco

Sephora by OPI
Already Famous
Caliente Coral (shown)
Dark Room (shown)
Havana Dreams (reviewed)
High Maintenance (shown)
Metro Chic (shown)
Never Enough Shoes
Ocean Love Potion
Queen of Everything
Rumba Romance
Run With It!
Slushied (untried)
Teal We Meet Again (untried)
Under My Trenchcoat

Sephora Collection 
No. 24

Can You Dig It
Quiet Storm

Tarina Tarantino (discontinued)
Starchild (reviewed)

Envy (reviewed)

Will do a separate post on the following nail care items, but here is the list FYI:

Essie Protein Base Coat (currently using - reviewed)
GOSH Matt Effect Top Coat
OPI Top Coat (reviewed)
OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner
OPI Rapid Dry Spray
OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat (currently using - reviewed)
OPI Drip Dry (reviewed)
Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Treatment
Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover
Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat (reviewed)

Okay, let the judging begin! Clearly, for an average person I own WAY too many bottles. BUT... if I were to open up a nail salon with this collection, wouldn't you want to get your nails done with me? ;-)

How many bottles do you have?